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Buy Property in Cyprus The Ideal Holiday Home


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If you have reached the stage that you are looking into property investment, buying a holiday villa or just looking at somewhere new to set up, then you should definitely consider the option of Cyprus as it has become an ideal location for property investment and will carry on being so for many years to come. Recently Cyprus was made a full member of the EU and it's economic growth hasn't stopped since causing it to become a very popular place to live. So much so that the foreign resident population has reached new highs as more and more people are choosing Cyprus to start a new life. As things stand at the moment you really can't go wrong as far as property investment is concerned and your lifestyle will change for the better too.

Cyprus is a very rich country in natural resources down to its perfect location and excellent all year round climate. Excellent progress has also been made in communications, transport and trade due to it's new relationship with the EU, which provides Cyprus with 50% of it's trade. This is boosted up with the nearly 3 million European tourists that visit Cyprus every year. Cyprus is geographically located close to Africa and the Middle East which turns it into a very unique country for property investment.

The property price index has been on the rise for the last few years and if we are going to take notice of the present indicators this will not change for many years to come. At the same time and a very exciting factor is that new property development is still rising too as supply is still lagging behind demand. If you don't want to lose out on potential profits then you should really get moving fast as what we are witnessing here in Cyprus is the same as what happened in Spain 20 years ago and we know how much money was made there.

You will pleased to hear though that you will still be able to find property investment options through a very competitive Estate Agent and Developer sector. You may find that they are just too helpful though so do your homework before taking on the property agents on their territory.

You certainly won't have any communication problems in Cyprus as everyone speaks English. You will find that very pleasing when it comes to signing legal documents as even the small print is in English. People from the UK will find everything very home from home as the legal system is virtually identical and guess what?. . . They drive on the left hand side of the road, so you can drive there too.

There are though two differences when it comes to property investment in Cyprus. Firstly you are only allowed to purchase one property at present although this should change shortly. Secondly it could take up to five years before you receive you completed title deeds, but this still would not stop you selling your property before hand. If you require more information on property investment in Cyprus then I would recommend the blog found on the links below as an excellent guide to find your dream property investment.

Discover these Cyprus Villa Tips written by the illustrious Tim Martins and check out his Cyprus Travel Blog


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