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What Is a Good Cap Rate for a Rental Property

Yiannis Kourtakis

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Cap Rate in general, is a metric that determines the rate of investment return from a real estate purchase. This means that it is a figure that is trying to reach with greater accuracy, the investment value of a property by purchase or rent. The purpose of use of the Cap Rate is to enable the investor to calculate how long the investment will generate depreciation and profit.

For the correct calculation of the Cap Rate, we should take into account the income from the rental of this house, it’s operating costs, as well as the current market value. For example if you have a X amount of house worth, and a rent with a Y value, and Z is its operating costs over time, then the Cap Rate is calculated as the value (Y - Z) / X.

It is easy to understand that the larger the income from the rent and lower the operating costs of the accommodation, the Cap Rate increases. Correspondingly the same applies when the market value of the property decreases. These figures are important and it is advisable to monitor the real estate investors, since it can be a great aid in cases of investment risk in homes or other property.

Practically there is no financial tables that could show us “What Is a Good Cap Rate for a Rental Property”. Nor is it right that we make rough designs and calculations when talking about buying a property for investment. For others, the Cap Rate is something simple, why invest a little money to purchase a property, the rent to normal value and minimize operating costs, exerting enough personal work. This means that their investment will quickly bring depreciation and the desired profit.

In other cases, the purchase of a residence can have even better Cap Rate, even if it is a luxurious residence on an island, which means that its market value is high. This is because one luxury house for rent is in increments price, and that he who hires such a home, usually has the more money to spend on it. Also the luxuries usually leave no damage or other random expenses for this house.

But how do I know What Is a Good Cap Rate for a Rental Property; as we mentioned before, the size of the Cap Rate is relevant both in terms of the actual residence, and at retail level, amenities and operating expenses. But if we had to mention based on the current trend of what size Cap Rate market is quite favorable to invest, we would say that it should be in the range of 8% or more. Many year real estate investments dealers, attempting purchases with a relative risk of investing with a rate of 5%, but in general if you're just outside this market, it is best to walk for sure!

We hope that you have found this article quite useful for a difficult term as the Cap Rate!


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Rental Property Investment - What You Have to Know
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