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What Makes an Item Difficult to Move?

Heather Roberts

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Moving house is always very painful in both senses – physically as well as emotionally. Packing and carrying makes your muscles ache, while leaving your house and surroundings behind makes it more complicated and emotionally traumatising. The stress will not end here if you are moving yourself. But this all can be less stressful with a proper and careful strategy and planning. You can manage and organize your house relocation with a well drafted plan and avoid a lot of trouble.

Regardless of all the plans and strategies, some items are too difficult to move. Sometimes this difficulty is due to their weight, while for other times it is due to their delicate nature. Removal of such items is always a challenge. Moving these types of items requires proper preparation, due care and sometimes help from professional movers. In this way you can overcome all the expected difficulties or at least can reduce them to a great extent.

Why it is so that some things are more difficult to move than others? The answer to this question is because of their different nature. There are several qualities which make moving such items difficult. There are certain reasons which make the relocation of an item almost impossible. A few such reasons are:

  • More chances of loss in case of moving it, such as plants and pets.

  • Items are very delicate to move such as crystal glasses or other glasswork, because the house removal can leave them shattered in pieces.

  • It is too heavy to move, for instance - moving furniture. It is difficult to move furniture pieces out through the narrow doors and around sharp corners.

  • Items required special permission to be moved. They are not difficult to move but permission is required for it. Examples: alcohol, ammunition and other perishable items.

  • Items with sentimental value. Sometimes they are material things which have emotions and memories attached to them. These items are irreplaceable.

These are a few factors which make the move difficult. On the basis of the above mentioned features here are a few things which are difficult to move from one place to another. The list is as follow:

  • Moving plants and pets is always difficult. Moving companies will usually not take plants but empty pots can be shipped. But if you are moving to a near location then it is easy to move your plants in a private transport or through other means. Moving pets is feasible but very difficult. There are certain requirements which you have to fulfil before moving pets across the border such as filing the proper paperwork, a complete check-up from the vet, an appropriate shipping container and providing an amiable surrounding to the pet. Moving aquariums, bird cages and terrariums is also difficult due to their little chances of survival.

  • Heavy weight is another feature of difficult to move items. Large furniture with different shapes is always difficult to shift because it can be damaged easily or can damage the floor or walls of the property. Special measures should be taken to avoid damages. You should consider certain facts before moving furniture: whether it can pass through the doors, whether the proper equipment is available to move it or not and many other such points.

  • Electronic items, glassware, crystal work and art pieces are all fragile in nature. This makes them difficult to move. Their packing should be done with proper care and in a professional manner so that damage and loss can be avoided.

  • Moving guns and alcohol does not sound difficult but it requires special permissions.

These are just a few examples of difficult to move items; otherwise, there are a number of such items which are hard to move due to the above mentioned characteristics and factors. Bear these in mind when you plan your home removal.


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