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Packing Materials That You Should Prepare for the Move

Heather Roberts

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Preparing for a move is a long and difficult adventure. Just think about the time and efforts spent throughout all the long weeks only for a journey on moving day that could last just a couple of hours. Nevertheless, preparation is very important and careful packing plays a major role in the process. Check out some tips and hints on how to pack your belongings, which packing materials to use, and more.

First, heavy-duty cardboard boxes are indispensable. Ask your removal company to supply you with removal boxes – this is often a better and cheaper option. It is a “greener" option too as you can return the unused boxes and the company can recycle the damaged boxes. There are boxes of different sizes and types, and another great idea is to have more than you think will be enough. This will help select the optimal arrangement of your belongings and the most suitable box for every specific item. The type and quality of the boxes are the most essential factors for the safety of your belongings, so you want to get small, medium-sized and large boxes. There are also unique ones, such as those made specifically for flat TV screens, for long kitchen shelves – they come in all shapes and sizes. The three-ply cardboard boxes are heavy duty and are good for packing heavier items, such as dismantled furniture. Other boxes have transparent coverings so that you can see what’s inside without opening the box, others have handles on all the sides for easier lifting and handling, others have reinforced bottom parts. The options are countless; you just have to choose what suits you best.

Second, you will need some basic type of wrapping, such as plastic wrapping. It is light, but very useful in many cases. It ensures basic protection for single items with irregular shapes, such as small chairs, decorative objects from the home interior and more. Bubble wrap is another great solution to the issue of protecting the delicate wooden edges of the objects during furniture removals. The different types of bubble wrap make it perfect for protecting fragile items, such as glasses, porcelain items and mirrors.

Third, there is no way to ensure the safety of your belongings without some heavy-duty tape. It is useful almost everywhere - from the wrapping of the objects to the sealing of the removal boxes. If you plan to hire only a removal van and do everything else yourself, including the packing of your belongings, then, you may need two different types of tapes - smaller and stronger ones. The main reason for that is that, in some cases, only a simple wrapping with a small piece of tape is enough, while, in other cases, you may need to wrap the entire object/box with tape.

Fourth, you need materials for protecting the edges of the objects. You can use old newspapers, soft cotton towels or other textile materials, and of course - the standard edge protectors. These are perfect when it comes to protecting edges. Paintings, mirrors, furniture, wooden shelves and kitchen appliances – they all have delicate edges that are very vulnerable during lifting, carrying down stairs and through other obstacles between the front door and the moving van. Not to mention that you have to be even more careful when lifting appliances and other objects with metal sides, because they are very heavy and are vulnerable to scratches.

Fifth, you can use small bags, textile bags, suitcases, backpacks and others. Always focus making the best use of all the packing materials that you already have. For example, packing the TV in its original box is the best way to prepare this heavy and fragile object for the move.


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