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What to include in the removal checklist

Heather Roberts

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Among the numerous tasks and activities to deal with at the day of your move, you should know which are the most important ones. They are the tasks and the activities to put high on the removal checklist. They depend on a number of factors, and according to the different situation - they may range from very overwhelming tasks to small final touches such as wrapping the boxes with heavy-duty tape in case of unwanted opening. Check out the following basic examples, which could help when you compile the checklist for your move.

1 - The biggest objects in the rooms. Highlight the locations or the names of the objects by a certain criteria, such as in alphabetical order, by size or by room. It will help when packing your belongings and there is no doubt that the biggest and heaviest items are more difficult for packing. On the other hand, when you deal first with these big and heavy objects, you could easily see the approximate scale and size of that you have to move, and therefore to decide easily whether you can do it by yourself or you have to take advantage of professional removal services. The biggest objects usually represent a half or even more than a half of all the items.

2 - Note the main activities that should take place on a different time basis and begin by scheduling activities for about a month before the house removal. If you plan a big house relocation with all your possessions and respectively with more things to do - then, a better idea is to schedule some activities for about two months before the moving day. There are plenty if important things to include and that~s why a great tip is to include them as goals, deadlines, highlights or what have you. They may include and not only:

- Searching for the most suitable removal services;

- Buying/renting removal boxes with the right dimensions;

- Informing your colleagues/neighbors/friends/kids about the move;

- Informing the supplier companies for the new address and/or changing accounts;

- Organizing the tasks between your helpers for the moving day;

- Requesting from your neighbors to free more parking space for the huge van at the moving day;

- Making a small special box for expensive or very important items;

- Choosing the best protection measurements for your belongings in their boxes;

- The dates for packing the biggest items, the smallest ones, the fragile ones, etc.

3 - Make yourself a sketching of the floor map of the both houses, so you can get a better visual interpretation of what~s to come. A floor map sketching is actually one of the most important lists to include as a part of the checklist, which itself is another list. Make it easier for orientation so you can give it to the movers and they can easily see where exactly to unload the biggest and heaviest removal boxes . A properly sketched floor map includes the dimensions of all the walls, the stairs, the locations of the windows and the preferred spots for unloading the different moving boxes. Include any other major obstacles between the piles of boxes and the front door of the house. Another great advice is to prepare all the objects by avoiding extra distance. Make one pile with big boxes, one with small boxes. Note their exact locations in the floor sketching.


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