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Help On Packing A Moving Van


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Most people might taken aback when they realise that it is possible to make mistakes when you pack a moving van. If it happens that you pack your van in the wrong way you are likely to regret your carelessness, especially if your packing method results in a number of broken belongings. If you are unaware of how to pack a moving van sensibly you risk have boxes and other items moving within the vehicle when it is travelling, which will not only damage your stuff but also poses a safetly risk to any people being carried in the lorry. An additional result of incorrect packing is that the moving boxes could break up the interior of the vehicle, which is very detrimental in a case where a rented truck is involved.

No matter what you know about packing a moving van, this won’t matter if the boxes themselves have not been sealed and packed in the right way. Some typical errors are caused by overloading, which causes moving boxes to tear and burst. It is a good idea to also put the word ‘fragile’ in large letters on any boxes holding breakables, which will let you know where to put these boxes when you are packing the vehicle.

Make sure to utilise plenty of packaging prior to closing your boxes, since you can expect additional protection from these materials. When it is time to begin packing your moving vehicle when you are leaving your home, you must first discover what proportion of your belongings the vehicle can hold. If you cannot fit everything you own in the back of the vehicle, it will then be necessary for you drive back and forth between the two locations. A helpful method is to put the heaviest things into the van first, so that they will then be the first things put into the new home. This is recommended as early on in the day those of you doing the moving will be awake and alert. As time passes, you will get physically and mentally tired.

Therefore starting with the bulkiest items means you will be finished with them early in the day. This also reduces the risk of injury to the movers, as they will be more alert early in the day, and therefore this decreases the risk of damaging the objects during the move. As soon as the biggest items are safely placed into the new premises it is likely that you will be left with a number of moving boxes from different rooms.

Those who know how to pack a moving van will pack the van so that all of a room’s boxes are next to each other. It is advisable to tag them making use of coloured stickers, so that you can tell at a glance where each box goes. Pack the lorry utilising the boxes from the garden level rooms first, so then the upstairs boxes will be unpacked from the van first.

After you are growing tired from bringing in the boxes for the upstairs rooms you will only have to bring in boxes for the rooms on the ground floor, and therefore there will be no need to climb the staircase with heavy boxes at this late stage in the move.

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