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Moving Electrical Equipment Useful Info


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In this day and age just about every property will contain quite a few electrical appliances. The kitchen alone typically contains quite a few intruments, e. g. refrigerators, dishwashers and the like. The majority of houses will make use of one or more televisions, and a lot of residences now have televisions in almost every room.

DVD players, music players and portable entertainment and photography appliances are all members of this category as well. Obviously computers, laptops and their accessories are also included in this category, as most homes will have at least one computer. External devices like printers and scanners are also included, and also mobile phones and their chargers.

Clearly moving electrical equipment is a major element of moving for most people, and a systematic method can help here.
Looking at the list above, there is a single common factor that pertains to all of the above mentioned items – cables. Just about all electrical appliances are supplied with detachable chargers, many of which are not readily identifiable. For example it is not hard to mix up the plug for your stereo with that of your electric kettle, and vice versa. Picture yourself driving up to your new home and taking all your items from their boxes, only to end up grappling with a pile of cables that could belong to anything in your home. A stress relieving cup of tea or coffee on arrival could rapidly result in a stressful look through your boxes as you cannot locate the cable for your electrical kettle.

However you can prevent this complication from happening by being organised in your packing.
To start with it is typically advisable to detach any cables from your appliances before you pack them. In this way you can stop the cables becoming damaged during the move.

During the packing process, stop yourself from simply removing the cables and placing them into random boxes. Instead it is a good idea to label your cables using markers or secure stickers, which will be extremely helpful when you are unpacking. If possible it is a good idea to try to pack your cables in the same box as the appliance, and then clearly mark the box so that you know what it contains.

When moving electrical equipment you should always be careful of electric shocks. Never forget to make sure that any machine is detached from the power source before you unplug any cables. Don’t forget to ensure that you have plently of packaging to correctly shield your equipment during the move.

Stuff the boxes with shock absorbing materials for example bubble wrap or foam, and be certain that every single box is properly sealed. Write eye-catching arrows on the outer part of the box, which will hopefully stop people from upturning it accidentally. It is advisable to put ‘fragile’ prominently on every side of the box, which should ensure that others take appropriate care when moving your items during transit.

In order to save some money while moving, you should look for affordable moving companies and check out companies moving rates per hour to find the most afordable one.


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