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Clean Out Your Kitchen Before You Move


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When moving home you will have to go through your house room by room many times. Firstly you will have to catalogue each item in each room if you are purchasing moving insurance, or if you have decided to avail of the services of a professional moving firm. You will also need to divide the objects in every room into those that you will be keeping, and which ones will be sold or dumped. Then it will be necessary for you to go through each room once more, packing up everything into moving boxes.

After you have emptied the rooms they must be thoroughly cleaned, either by yourself or by professional cleaners. Clearly it will be necessary to clean out your kitchen before you move also, which will require a lot of time and effort.
Clearly, the initial stage when moving is to look at every belonging in each room and then make up your mind as to what you would like to do with each one. When considering a kitchen, you will typically have a considerable amount of portable appliances that you will typically want to take on the move with you.

Although toasters, juicers and the like can generally be put in boxes, you may want to think twice about transporting bigger appliances with you, particularly those that are really heavy. This is a matter of some importance if if your appliances must cross state boundaries or if you are using a professional moving company. Trucks that travel over interstate borders are weighed and are fined if they exceed certain limits. Therefore when moving with large or heavy items your moving service will present you with a bigger bill as they will more than likely end up making use of supplementary trucks. If you are taking care of the move yourself it will be down to you to move any heavy equipment, which may result in you having to drive between your old and new residences quite a few times. If you own the large appliances in your home, the option to sell them exists, or you could throw them away if they are very old.

This will result in a simpler and less costly move.
A major function of kitchens is storing the household’s food. As it gets closer to your moving date, try to minimise the amount of food that you are buying.

If you can prepare food that will use up foodstuffs that are long lived, like spices and preservatives. Then you can avoid having to throw them out or trying to bring them with you when you move. It is recommended that you don’t get any food that you won’t be able to finish before you leave the house, as again it is probable that you will have to throw them out before you leave.

Most importantly, plan the meals for your final week beforehand, so that you can use up all of the contents of your freezer prior to leaving the property. Before it is time to leave, it is necessary for you to clean out your kitchen before you move. This is actually a lot of work, even if your house is generally spotless, and it might be an idea to hire a professional cleaner to do this if you do not have the time or the energy.

To make your move easier you should make something like commercial move checklist , that way you'll be more organized. Make sure to search more companies, don't pick the first one you bump in to in order to have affordable moving


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