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All You Should Know About Long Distance Moving


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Long Distance Moves contrast considerably in comparison with local ones, whether they be home or business moves. Typically a long distance move is the label used for any change of home or business premisis which extends over a distance of a hundred miles. In cases where the move takes place between countries or states this label is also used. A point to bear in mind is that there are regulations which apply to moving, and these will differ from state to state. Because of this it is advisable to make use of a professional long distance moving firm, who will have experience with this sort of move and also with any restrictions and legislation.

Most people might not know that mandatory weight checks are imposed on every van of truck that travels across state lines. There are a number of safety regulations that restrict the weights that goods vehicles may carry. Overloading is carefully monitored as trucks that have oversized loads can suffer from manoeuvrability problems and other safety issues. In cases where trucks are found to be carrying too much weight the drivers are usually fined severely. Therefore all professional interstate moving firms will take care that their vehicles are always under any weight limits.

Until the movers arrive to transport your belongings, it is not possible for them to know what the total weight will be. In this way you generally will not be in a position to get an exact price quote before your move. It is due to this that generally flat rate moving firms do not advertise long distance services, due to the fact that it is not feasible for them put together an accurate price in advance of the move. As your possessions are finally being moved onto the trucks, you may find that the vehicle numbers may change. As the vehicles will need to move over a long distance, the risk of delays and complications are larger. Breakdowns, traffic problems etc. may delay the movers and increase their transport and labour costs.

Additional issues that need to be considered arelegislation and rules focussing on working hours. It is not legal for the the movers to drive or work for extended periods of time. Therefore if they must carry items over a long distance, it is not possible for them to travel incessantly until they arrive at their location. All of these issues and more can mean that it is hard to say beforehand how much time will be required for a long distance move. So the ultimate cost can change from case to case.

If a dedicated moving firm is asked to provide a price estimate leading up to a move, standard prices are used as a basis for the calculation. For example a one room apartment will logically mean less items than a four bed roomed house, and this is therefore how moving companies estimate their fees for long distance moves.

A long distance moving is the common label used for a change of address which extends over a distance of a hundred miles. In cases of interstate moving , where the move takes place between countries or states, this label is also used.


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