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The Value Of Short Sales Articles


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Those looking to purchase a new home will likely find helpful information by reading any of the number of short sales articles online. This process is growing in popularity and is being implemented by both desperate home owners and banks alike as a way to avoid foreclosure. There are plenty of great deals on the market, but there are a number of things a potential buyer should know.

In essence, a short sale is the act of selling a home for less than the loan is valued. Many owners go the short sale route as a way to sell their home quickly before a foreclosure. The bank will determine the sell price however, which can come well short of the actual value of the loan.

For example, someone bought a house during the bubble years of the real estate market and paid 500 thousand dollars for it. With the market in the condition it is in today, that same house may only sell for half that on the open market. This home's owner probably owes far more than the 250 thousand he or she can sell for. In a short sale, the bank determines the sell price and the owner is often responsible for what is left.

For people looking for a great deal on a home, a short sale can be a great way to get more home for the money. It must be noted however that these homes, like foreclosures, as often sold “as is" and frequently need some level of repair. Those that can do those repairs themselves are in great shape, otherwise the cost for repairs must be considered along with the asking price.

This type of deal usually takes a bit longer to close. This is due to increased paperwork and tougher negotiation. Of course the bank gets the final word on price, and banks are traditionally slow in this regard. Anyone looking to purchase a short sell should be ready for the deal to take up to twice the time of a traditional sell.

More people seem to be losing their jobs and their steady income, and this is resulting in more and more short sells on the market. Many of these current owners would prefer to take a loss than to fall in to foreclosure and suffer the ramifications that follow.

As can be seen, the short sale can offer great benefits to both the buyer and the seller assuming both have the willingness and the ability to be patient. And for more information, short sales articles are generally only a click away.

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