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Making Real Money With Real Estate Investing


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Watching late night television has become an exercise in real estate education, or at least it seems that way. All these people with their programs teasing you with how much money there is to be made. These “professionals" go on and on about how much success you can achieve, and while it is true that many experience success, just as many or more do not.

The secret to their success is that in fact a number of people do achieve real success. They are the ones provided clips and quotes and testimonials. They are otherwise average people just like everyone else. They purchased so-and-so's program and it worked for them, so surely it will work for everyone else, right? Sadly, your chances for success are much smaller than your chances for failure.

So what do they have that the rest of the population does not? That can be a difficult question to answer, however in many cases a lack of fear can sum it up. If you don't have anything, you certainly don't have anything to lose. If you are at rock-bottom and the only way to go is up you might be more open to taking risks, and in real estate, very little is accomplished without risk.

Sure, you could become a landlord. You could collect rent and make enough to live off of at the very least. Then again, You might only make enough to squeak by, spending most of your “profits" on things like maintenance, improvements, taxes, lawyers and legal documents, and even landscaping. The expenses are tremendous. If you can do most or all of the work for yourself, or even if you want to do it yourself, you have an advantage, but it does not come easy.

Foreclosures offer another real opportunity, however properties are sold on as “as is" basis, and this means there is quite often serious and sometimes expensive repairs that must be done before the property can be sold. Being a contractor or having those kids of skills can be a real money saver with REO properties, as well as a solid understanding of the market.

Still another way to get in to the game is by becoming a part of an investment group. This is a great way to make money, although you will make less due to the spreading of profits, however the risk is spread out as well. This might be a good way to go for the beginner who has a bit of spendable cash available.

So the late night guy or gal on television isn't exactly misrepresenting the truth. Sill, they don't usually focus on the risk and the hard work involved in making money through real estate. It can be done though, if you have the stomach for it.

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Making the Commitment to Real Estate Investing
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