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Articles about or concerning Green Real Estate, Real Estate Agents, Green Commercial Real Estate, Eco-Friendly Homes and Green Building Designs.
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Green Building Management Practices

 Kamyar Shah (June 26, 2008)  As the world becomes more aware of the impact our buildings have on the environment, a new way to build and manage has evolved. It is called Green or sustainable building, the practice of using healthier, more efficient supplies in construction, renovation, and demolition and the maintenance and operations of a building. There are various ways to implement sustainability into your .. (Green Real Estate)

New Eco Friendly Villa Development in Tenerife

 Lester Emanuel (June 26, 2008)  Overview This stunning ECO-FRIENDLY property would not normally be found on the island, the developer takes a very keen interest in sustainable construction which he is promoting here in Tenerife and the design is therefore very futuristic but also charming. It has a very Scandinavian feel with a wealth of timber used in the construction. The property itself is a magnificent piece of .. (Green Real Estate)

Student Accommodation in Falmouth Breaking Ground in Construction Methods

 Anna Barrington (June 17, 2008)  New Falmouth student flats are using innovative building techniques to be ready for the start of the academic year. A new homes complex designed for students will be ready in time thanks to a pioneering construction system. With the academic term starting on a fixed date there is no room for late housing projects aimed at this market but this has not been a worry for the developer; .. (Green Real Estate)

Can Rainwater Collection Really Make A Difference?

 David Harland (April 24, 2008)  Watering the garden allows for 20-40 per cent of a homes water usage, and most areas observes some sort of water restriction when temperatures soar. But, there's more to cutting back on water in the garden than reducing your usage. By using Rain collection systems we can save water and ensure we don't get fleeced by our local water provider, for providing their lovely over chlorinated .. (Green Real Estate)

Property Managers Going Green

 Kamyar Shah (April 02, 2008)  Over twenty years ago the first curbside recycling program had started around the same time the first boy band made a number one single. Though recycling has grown since the days of synchronized dance moves it is amazing how many rental communities and rental properties still do not have a recycling program. Recycling is a series of activities that includes collecting recyclable .. (Green Real Estate)

Green Homes - Save Money In The Long Run

 Bruce Kellby (March 28, 2008)  More and more companies are beginning to see the benefits of having energy efficient buildings and physical plants. Cleaner, more efficient office buildings and work spaces not only help the environment but also save the company money. One organization helps the companies to realize the benefits of greener building. The Green Building and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design .. (Green Real Estate)

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