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Energy Saving Tips in Your Apartment Home


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Saving money on electricity and water should be a goal of all apartment renters today. Not only are you reducing your total costs, your also reducing the amount of natural resources you are consuming on a daily basis. And if you also recycle and reuse other products in your daily life you’re on your way to turning your new apartment home green.

However, as easy as some of these techniques are too implement, they may be a tad bit more difficult to implement. For example, remember to turn your lights off when your leave your apartment home, and also to turn off the water faucet while your brushing your teeth. But how many of you actually do this? Remembering to do it over and over until it becomes habit can be more difficult than you think. But eventually it will become part of your everyday repetition.

Conserve Electricity

Other ways to conserve electricity are pretty simple. Plug all of your appliances and other items that require electricity into a surge protector. You can even take a step further and unplug the items when not in use. Remember that phantom electricity occurs when items use electricity even though they are turned off. You may be asking yourself how this is even possible. Many devices use memory chips that continue to drain electricity even in the off position.

Another example where you can use this is in your media area. Many people possess a television set, cd player, cable box, DVD player, and gaming system. This is a great place to plug all the items in a surge protector. When you leave your apartment home for the day, simply flip the switch on the surge protector.

Sealing Your Doors and Windows

Keeping the cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer should be another goal. If you live in newer apartment homes chances are they may already have dual pane windows. If you don’t, you can insulate windows that need a quick fix. Also door stripping can be used to improve the sections between the doors and the floor.

Light Bulbs

Apartment homes should come installed with working light bulbs. When they burn out you can purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use less electricity than normal bulbs an can last almost 10 times as long.

Memphis Raines enjoys helping people go green. There are many great options for saving energy in your Conroe TX apartments, so click here . Be sure to use these tips daily. If you need assistance on how to cut back on water in Conroe apartments he can help. Or if your just in the market to lease Dallas apartments , he can help.


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The Top 5 List of Home Energy Saving Projects
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