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How To Clean Your Houses or Apartments The "Green Way"


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Much of what we hear about today is a term called “going green". In a short these means using alternatives that don’t consume our natural resources and don’t impact our environment negatively. One place we can all start implementing these techniques begins in our apartment homes.

When it comes down to cleaning our apartments, there are many cleaning supplies that produce harmful effects upon the environment and if consumed, can harm our kids. There are many alternatives when it comes down to cleaning supplies. In fact we can all start by making our own. These will not contaminate our environment or leave behind any unhealthy contaminants.

First of all, let me say that making your own personal products is very easy and does not take much time. You will also save money by not having to purchase your normal cleaning supplies from a grocery store. And you will also be able to tell your friends and family about your new discovery, and you can pass on something that can positively impact everyone.

Make sure you purchase a steam mop. This will be one of your few upfront costs you will need to incur. Rest assured that these types of mops will clean your flooring very efficiently and they will be safe to use on the majority of hardwood floors. You will be also able to use filtered water with these types of mops. Using filtered water helps to preserve our most valuable resource we have.

Almost everyone uses paper towels to clean up anything from spills in the kitchen or as a napkin during dinner time. If you calculate the amount of paper you consume during an entire year you may soon realize that there must be a better use. Try using blue surgical towels for many of your daily cleaning needs. Not only are they re-usable, they are an exceptional alternative. They absorb liquids very efficiently and are also lint free. If you have any chrome or glass items these should do the trick as well.

Here is one recipe for your own personal household cleaning products. If you have any items constructed of wood try a combination of approximately 1/4 cup of lemon juice and 1/2 cup olive oil. Then apply the concotion to the wood furniture in your Bellaire apartments

When you purchase sponges try buying white cleaning sponges. Unlike their counterparts they are free from most contaminants. These sponges will clean all the South houston apartement surfaces your normal sponges will clean too.

Of course this is just a small list. Be sure an educate yourself for many “green" options you have today in your Galvston Tx apartments

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