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Thriving in Today's Building Industry


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For nearly 20 years Sony ruled the portable music industry with its popular brand Walkman. Through cassettes to CDs Sony Walkman was an industry leader in portable music players, yet in 2001 this seemingly unstoppable force fell from the top down to just another name in crowd of generic alternatives. In October of 2001 Apple launched the iPod and completely overtook the market. Apple recognized that the consumer market had changed and the demand for digital music and Mp3s was taking over traditional forms like CDs. Meanwhile the Walkman was left behind still doing things the old way.

The reality is that the past is the past. Markets are always changing and for businesses to remain successful and thrive they must adapt with them. The building and remodeling industry is not the same as it was 5 or 10 years ago, so if you are still approaching customers like you were back then, you are probably seeing a decline in sales. What do you do about a drop in sales? Adjust to today's marketplace.

Will energy costs rise, fall or stay the same? No matter what, the new normal is that energy for your car at the gas pump (According to Money Magazine this expense is 5% of a typical budget) - energy to heat and cool your house (According to Money Magazine this expense is 4% of household budgets) are high. What can a consumer do today to lower their gas expense for their current car? Right, not much. But what can a consumer do today to lower their energy costs on their home? Right, allot!!!

From Jonathan Sweet, Senior Editor, May 1, 2008 Professional Remodeler Magazine:

"Two major factors will combine to make green have staying power: rising energy costs and the more environmentally friendly attitudes of younger consumers - the homeowners of the future. "

"This is certainly not the end of rising energy costs, so people will continue to be looking at energy efficiency, " says Sekley. “It appeals to people who are more environmentally conscious and there's a dollar and cents benefit. "

According to Money Magazine:

Home energy - Seal up your house

  • 4% of your household budget.

  • Up 9% from a year ago

  • To find air leaks, conduct a home-energy audit following the instructions at energystar. gov or hire a pro to do it for $200 and up.

  • You can cut up to 25% of your heating and cooling costs by adding insulation and using caulk, spray foam and weather-stripping to seal leaks around windows and doors and in attics and basements.

  • Potential savings: $1,375 in five years, after materials

    Today's successful home improvement contractor needs to realize that yesterday's solutions do not solve today's problems. . . . Green and Energy Conservation are not fads. . . they are trends that affect behavior and drive consumer's decisions.

    Today's homeowner, although concerned about their home's aesthetics, are looking at much more practical ways to invest in their home. Studies today indicate that they want to improve the energy efficiency of their home, 87% of homeowners rank energy efficiency as the most important upgrade and 90% say they would pay up to $5,000 more for an energy efficient home. Energy efficiency will not only save you money on energy bills but will add value to your home.

    Mark Willinger
    Modern Builders Supply, Inc.
    Building Industry Articles

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