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Articles about or concerning Foreclosures, Avoiding Foreclosure, Short Sales, Foreclosure Deals, Bank Foreclosure Properties, Sheriff Sales, Buying A Foreclosure Home, Locating Foreclosed Properties.
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Flipping With Out Flopping

 Linton Gentles (July 13, 2007)  My name is Linton Gentles. I am a 31 year old part time real estate investor. I spend 25 hours a week buying, selling and flipping foreclosures. I teamed up with a very experienced company who has taken the time to show me the way to achieve ultimate success with quick turn real estate. Salvation Home Buyers has been around for more than 4 years. With our office located in Bergenfield, .. (Foreclosures)

HR 1876 May Give Homeowners in Foreclosure A Much Needed Tax Break

 Nef Cortez (July 12, 2007)  Homeowners facing foreclosure in California have approximately 120 days from the Notice of Default (about 4 months) in order to resolve their outstanding mortgage debt. When a homeowner finds themselves in this situation, the most proactive step a homeowner can do is to act in a timely manner to get a realistic look at what their options may be. There are many choices that a homeowner .. (Foreclosures)

The Basics of Foreclosure

 Raynor James (July 10, 2007)  Foreclosure is an unhappy event for all concerned. The basics of foreclosure vary from state to state, but the end result is usually the same. Everyone loses with the exception of potential Real Estate investors. When a loan is made for the purpose of purchasing property the loan is secured by a legal instrument called a mortgage or a deed of trust. The mortgage is a lien on the .. (Foreclosures)

Massachusetts Foreclosures are being Checked and Reviewed

 Bob Smith II (July 10, 2007)  The Massachusetts real estate history is not one riddled with Massachusetts foreclosure listings. However, those days are long gone and unfortunately Massachusetts is being hit hard with companies offering assistance to those homeowners in need, however, the companies are making false promises and conducting illegal transactions. The Massachusetts attorney general has now put into place . (Foreclosures)

Future Of Foreclosures - No Relief In Sight

 Altaf Sahibzada (July 05, 2007)  It is not desirable to have foreclosures. But they do happen. Nobody wants them. Neither the owners nor the lenders want to face foreclosures. The factors responsible for these are external to most of the situations. Foreclosures happen mostly because of economic factors. When a borrower defaults on the repayment of a housing loan, banks take over the property. Before confiscating the .. (Foreclosures)

A Foreclosure Loan Can Help You

 Tom Turner (July 01, 2007)  If the ship is going down and you feel like you are drowning and about to lose your home to foreclosure you may be able to save it before it is too late. It may look bad right now, but a new foreclosure loan may save the day. If the home has not yet sold in auction it is not too late to do something about saving your home. A foreclosure loan is the answer for many who face this terrible . (Foreclosures)

Young Couple Must Now Face The Reality Of Foreclosure!

 Scott Daniels (June 30, 2007)  I spent two hours today explaining to a very nice couple how the “Loss Mitigation Department" works when dealing with lenders. The couple purchased a home one year ago, not fully understanding that they`ll need to pay their mortgage on time! Back than the sub-prime lenders were in full bloom. Obtaining a loan was very easy! They`ve missed 3 months of mortgage payments, the banks .. (Foreclosures)

Foreclosures- The Latest Stop on the NAFTA Superhighway to the Nearest Halliburton Detention Center

 Nick Adama (June 28, 2007)  With foreclosure season just getting underway in the economy as the housing bubble has begun its unsurprising collapse, it bears some thinking about the current state of the middle class of America, which has been the hardest hit by the drops in housing values. Record foreclosure rates, a record credit bubble, and predatory lending and financial practices dominate the current economic .. (Foreclosures)

Grabbing Foreclosure Properties - Act Fast or Lose

 Altaf Sahibzada (June 28, 2007)  It is easier said than done. There is plenty of advice available online and offline for getting a piece of foreclosure properties. Foreclosure listings have been under greater focus because of other expensive and overpriced properties, erosion of mortgage affordability, greater foreclosure consciousness, increased number of foreclosures etc. More and more people aspire for cheap and .. (Foreclosures)

Finding Your Perfect VA Foreclosures Purchase

 David Faulkner (June 28, 2007)  The Veterans’ Affairs Administration applies the same standards to it home loans as any financial institution; it expects the home buyers to whom it extend mortgages to make their monthly payments in a timely fashion until the mortgage is paid in full. But the VA is faced with borrowers who go into default for a variety of reasons; job loss, an unexpected illness, or excessive .. (Foreclosures)

It Is Possible To Stop Foreclosure Quick

 Tom Turner (June 25, 2007)  You are not the bad guy. When creditors are calling you they want to help you and most understand that you are struggling to make ends meet. You might be able to stop foreclosure quick and make a deal to pay interest only payments for a few years. It may not be the best way to go, but it will stop foreclosure quick. This article will look at some possible ways to stop foreclosure quick. . (Foreclosures)

Techniques on Financing Foreclosures

 Eric Stein (June 25, 2007)  Financing foreclosures is the part of this business that people are worried about most. Most people automatically assume that you have to have money to invest in foreclosures, which is what keeps them from investing. You will be happy to learn that you don't have to have money to start investing. Obviously everyone is in a different financial situation, so not every technique we share .. (Foreclosures)

Where Do You Find Foreclosure Properties?

 Eric Stein (June 25, 2007)  There are a plethora of places to look when you want to find foreclosure properties. The key is finding them before someone else does. You can find foreclosure properties on the web, newspapers, lis pendens lists, seminars, direct mail, word of mouth, friends, real estate agents, real estate offices, and lending institutions just to name a few. The internet is a good place to search .. (Foreclosures)

How To Buy Foreclosure And Make Money From Them?

 Eric Stein (June 25, 2007)  Foreclosure occurs when someone with a mortgage does not pay, therefore violating the agreement and the lender takes control of the home. Buying foreclosed homes allow you to purchase discount real estate 30%, 40% even 50% under market value. Foreclosure investing is actually quite simple, given the right mentor and system to follow. In fact, anyone can do this regardless of their .. (Foreclosures)

Take Your Time In Choosing Reputable Help To Stop Foreclosure

 Chuck Lunsford (June 22, 2007)  Major news services recently reported that mortgage foreclosures have increased as much as 62% over last year. They are also stating the worse is yet to come and there will not be a soft landing for the housing crisis. These numbers are staggering, frightening, and will have a direct effect on our countries economy for years to come. What steps can you take immediately to avoid .. (Foreclosures)

You've Realized the American Dream of Owning a Home but Find Yourself in Default

 Chuck Lunsford (June 21, 2007)  No homeowner ever intends to miss mortgage payments. Life, as most have learned, has the tendency to throw us a curve when we least expect it. Job loss, death or divorce can quickly throw our life and finances into chaos. Homeowners can’t always prevent defaulting on their payments. What’s important is how a homeowner reacts to their predicament. Inaction is the choice some . (Foreclosures)

Foreclosure May Not Be Your Only Option

 B.L. Thomas (June 18, 2007)  I get it. I have been there. You are dangerously behind in your mortgage payments and you can’t seem to catch up. You’re getting the letters and phone calls that lead you to believe that you have no other option. Foreclosure seems eminent. That’s not necessarily the case. The mortgage company doesn’t want to own your home anymore than you want to lose it. In the . (Foreclosures)

Home Mortgage-ARM Resets and Foreclosures

 J Krohn (June 16, 2007)  There is little question that the recent booming housing market and the state of the economy in general were fueled by sub prime loans-loans to folks who otherwise would've never gotten one. While one can argue that is was good to get more homeowners, the cost of that “goodness" is now manifesting itself. The lowering of standards and the widening range of products to induce .. (Foreclosures)

The Basics of Investing In Pre-Foreclosure Properties

 Zach Ford (June 14, 2007)  Investing in pre-foreclosure homes in an excellent way to enter the real estate market and begin building long-term wealth. But where do you start? And what exactly is a pre-foreclosure anyways? Well read on and you'll be building your real estate investment empire in no time. Firstly, it is important to understand the entire foreclosure process. A house goes in to foreclosure when the . (Foreclosures)

Foreclosures Increase By 90% Year-Over-Year

 Trent Smith (June 14, 2007)  We operate a foreclosures site and have seen a huge increase in the number of foreclosures in the past 4 months. I believe it is a combination of not only sub-prime and ARM mortgages, but also the high number of people who have gotten loans with interest rates at an all time low. . .in addition to the rapid depreciation in some areas and the difficulty some are experiencing in selling .. (Foreclosures)

Ohio Foreclosures- A Waiting Game

 David Faulkner (June 11, 2007)  Foreclosure properties offer great opportunities to those looking for reasonably priced properties in which to live or invest. Because many foreclosure properties are sold so that the financial institution which holds title to them can recoup the money they loaned to the property’s defaulting buyer, they are often sold for less than their actual value. Every state has a legally .. (Foreclosures)

Can A Foreclosure Loan Help You?

 Tom Turner (June 08, 2007)  Do you have creditors calling your home on a daily basis? If so, you may be facing the reality of losing your home to foreclosure and feel that the battle is over. You can still do something about it if you act right now. It may seem like a dark and nasty situation you are in, but there are people just like you facing the same thing. You may be able to apply of a foreclosure loan and .. (Foreclosures)

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