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Abandoned Foreclosed Properties in Las Vegas Filled with Marijuana

Karen Anne

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The streets of Las Vegas now meander through thousands of foreclosed, vacant and dark properties which are not maintained properly by banks and lenders. It has been highlighted a number of times that these vacant foreclosed properties are becoming the best shelters for illegal activities, but now in Las Vegas it has been reported that some of those abandoned properties are now filled with marijuana plants.

Like many other states and cities across the nation, the foreclosure tsunami has shattered the housing market of this city, and the housing market is totally flooded with an ample number of foreclosed properties.

According to experts, these foreclosed properties can now be sold or rented out at a relatively cheaper rate but these properties have now become “grow houses” for marijuana plants. Drug dealers are using these vacant properties to build up their drug business.

In the words of a criminologist of University of Nevada in Las Vegas, William Sousa, “You can't have crime without opportunity. All those empty homes present an opportunity for criminal activity. ”

Fredrica Ballard had filled up her four bedroom rented apartment with 61plants of marijuana and her family also assisted her in doing so. On investigation, she acknowledged that she has received a doctor’s note which has allowed her to grow nearly 100 marijuana plants. But according to the legal system in Nevada, a permit holder can only grow 7 marijuana plants which are used for medical science.

According to the Los Angeles Times, there is a large increase in the growth of marijuana plants since 2010 and Ballard’s indoor marijuana ‘farm’ is one of the 130 that have been seized by the state’s police department in 2011.

This issue is nothing new, because in 2010 also the Las Vegas Sun had reported that these vacant secluded foreclosures were becoming incubators for criminal and illegal activities.

According to the Review Journal, there are large numbers of such vacant houses in the area where growers have a prosperous business, and these foreclosed properties are allowing drug dealers to earn $3,000 by cultivating over 200 plants in a spacious property.

Spokesperson for the DEA, Jeffrey Scott said to the LA Times that the price of these indoor Hydroponic marijuana plants is four times the price of the Mexican types. In September, a police officer of Las Vegas, Lt. Laz Chavez said, “With this market, it’s almost a free-for-all right now. ”

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