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Foreclosure - How to Fight It

Julia Vakulenko

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In these harsh economic times, many people face the risk foreclosure directly because of financial difficulties they face. If one finds oneself among such individuals, it is high time that one understood the foreclosure process since this could serve as protection from this unfortunate occurrence. The most frightening issue that pertains to foreclosure is living in ignorance on the availability of several options available, for instance the foreclosure process and one's rights. Hence, it is important for one to understand these.

In case one receives mail giving one a foreclosure notice, one should understand it came from a financial institution that lent one a mortgage. Other methods used by these institutions include phone calls; in this situation, it is important to be calm. It is also probable that one has received prior notices if they are faced with foreclosure. Hence, this should not come as a surprise.

When one starts to receive calls from one's lenders notifying them of the foreclosure, it is wise to get going before time runs out. Alternatively, when one predicts the possibility of experiencing financial issues, one should not wait until the lender calls you; it is wise to seek audience with the bank to explain one's predicament. This shows concern and a sense of good will. Banks and other financial institutions dislike foreclosures because they face difficulties in selling houses. Apart from difficulties, they incur losses because they sell houses at lower rates. With this knowledge in mind, one should not fear or panic because banks prefer receiving payment to foreclosures.

Since banks try to avoid foreclosures as much as one does, one should seek audience with them directly and they could offer one help. One should book an appointment with high-ranking officials such as the branch president or chief mortgage officer. Such individuals have the potential to helping one during such an ordeal. The key here is to talk with relevant people; individuals such as intermediaries and customer care attendants complicate things for one.

After gaining a relevant bank official's audience, it is wise to inform one's lender on the manner and status of the situation. One should not withhold any information, as this will complicate matters for one and cause the loss of probable solutions to the problem. After discussing, one should agree on agreed upon payment plan; for example, the lender may accept smaller installments thus eradicating the possibility of a foreclosure.

Another important factor to note is difference in foreclosure laws in different states. On that note, it is wise to hire a lawyer that understands laws relevant to the state one lives in.

In case the worst happens, one should not panic; one should search for an affordable house to live in. One could also re-purchase one's house back in case one bumps into a considerably large sum of money however; this is not common. No one should evict one from the house before the lender grants an eviction letter. It is wise to search for a house early enough before the lender evicts one to avoid any inconveniences in case one is evicted.

Julia Vakulenko is a licensed broker associate with Realty. She has one of the hardest working Tampa Real Estate team in Florida and also in2Va Team for Northern Virginia Real Estate .


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Stop Foreclosure - Climb From the Depths of Foreclosure With a Low Mortgage ..
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