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Foreclosure - Opportunity Or Hype


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You've seen the TV advertisements and read the classifieds on the simplicity of purchasing a foreclosed home, but are you certain that it is as simple as it sounds? No matter what the situation may be, it is important that you understand the process of purchasing a home. This is particularly true with foreclosures, since these properties are often presented as less pricey and as simpler transactions than regular homes for sale. Unless you can pay the total price of a home in one installment, you will still need to qualify for a purchasing loan. It's best to be pre-approved for such a loan by the lender who is the owner of the particular property in question, but if you haven't focused in on your options yet, you should still begin the application and financing process.

The first falsehood is that foreclosures are the most low-cost homes around. The truth is that they may or may not be the least expensive properties. When you buy a foreclosed home, it may require serious repair, which can range from just a few cans of paint and new carpet to replacing missing air conditioners, hot water heaters and, yes, even the kitchen cabinets and sink. The reality is that some foreclosed homeowners may take out their frustrations on the home itself. Make sure you know how much time and money it's going to take to bring your foreclosure into livable condition.

Are you a first-time buyer, or not? If you have bought and owned in the past, does it extend to foreclosures? You should match the type of foreclosure with your level of knowledge. A foreclosed home available at auction is done so for the full asking price in cash, and is “as is, " so you will be buying a property without being able to evaluate for yourself how much repair and renovation is needed. You may be able to walk through a real estate owned, or mortgage company owned foreclosure, but the cost will be almost as much as that for a non-foreclosed (and quite possibly) better-conditioned property. The selling price of homes that are in notice of non-payment or notice of trustee may also be available for examination, but given that they are on there way to auction, there may not be a lot of time to appraise your prospective purchase. Stick to what you know, to steer clear of taking on more than you originally planned.

Do you know everything there is to know about buying a foreclosed house? Banks still want their funds, and still have to apply proper procedures for home owners. So buying a foreclosed property may involve as much time as buying a non-foreclosed home. Even if the price is considerably lower, it may be so due to the quantity of work needed to bring the house back to quality conditions. Make certain to notice how the description is worded; repairs can refer to anything such as plumbing, wiring, or structural. On occasion, the wording is all you get before you buy, since many foreclosures do not permit inspection or negotiation for repair in advance. Check out the current market value for the neighborhood to see how the foreclosure price ranks, and consider that a foreclosure has to do with an individual's situation and not decline in home prices.

Neighborhoods that have an abundance of foreclosures are likely to have low property values. Not only is a depressing environment to live in, but it's also usually not a good idea to invest in such a property. It's will take a longer period of time for the neighborhood to bounce back if there are an excess of homes that need to be purchased, which means that your value is going to take longer to rise. Furthermore, crime and vandalism can be a problem. If you do decide to purchase a foreclosed property, be careful of the truths and myths of foreclosures and use caution. It is possible to find an excellent deal if you do your research.

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