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Are Foreclosures Worth the Money?

Julia Vakulenko

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Foreclosures often have this feel of dirt or ill-cared for homes. These homes are often and unfairly associated with those individuals who live in the darker corners of society. It is often felt that foreclosures are things that only criminals or the ill educated suffer from. This is not the case though, and with the recent numbers of predatory lending institutions coming about and the loss of jobs due to a poor economy, the number of foreclosures from honest people has risen dramatically.

Foreclosures occur when people can no longer afford to pay their mortgage. This can because of health problems, a job loss, improperly handled debts, or any other reason that causes the money to be either spent elsewhere or not brought into the house to be used towards the mortgage. Often times, the people of the house are doing all that they can to pay the mortgage and simply cannot handle the payments any longer. These people honestly wanted to own a home and enjoy the American dream of owning a home, but simply were unable to accomplish this.

With the increasing number of foreclosures on the market, home buyers are being inundated with potential homes that have been foreclosed. These homes are often considerably less expensive than the average home, but are often ignored because of potential problems from those who do not understand foreclosures. These foreclosed homes can be great and can offer great living experiences for anyone. Some of these homes are ready to have people move into them whenever they are purchased. Some are not.

Often the family knows well in advance if the home is going to be foreclosed or not. The lending institution often does everything in their power to prevent the foreclosure including sending notices of pending foreclosure to encourage the family to pay the mortgage. If a family knows that there is no way to pay the mortgage, they can often take their frustrations out on the house. This can cause the house to take on damages that it normally would not experience such as spray painted walls or broken windows. Other families take their frustrations out in less noticeable ways, such as wire snipping or causing water damage. These attacks on the house are not meant to be attacks on the future owners of the house, but rather on the lending institution that they are unable to pay.

While foreclosure homes can be risky, if you find the right foreclosure home, the benefits can be immense. These homes are often worth as much as their neighbors but priced at a fraction of the cost. This can make for a definite advantage for the buyer if the right foreclosed home can be found.

Julia Vakulenko is a licensed broker associate with Realty. She has one of the hardest working Tampa Real Estate team in Florida and also in2Va Team for Northern Virginia Homes .


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Types of Foreclosures Understanding Foreclosures
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