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The Global Real Estate Investment Market Depends on Foreclosures

Jeffery Adams

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What I will explain here seems, at first, to fly against the face of logic but it has been born out of my own very direct experience of the foreclosure market and the real estate business and it actually represents the way these things work far more closely than market analysts would have you believe.

The global real estate investment market depends on foreclosures because it is foreclosures that are responsible for releasing properties from a kind of limbo where they are locked in a ‘dead money’ debt-ridden zone and generating cash for investors, lenders and even existing home owners.

Under these conditions the real estate market begins to see movement in areas which used to be inert and what's more the influx of these foreclosed properties back into the market regenerates local communities at a micro-economic level as these houses then need to be renovated, which means that their new owners spend money with local DIY stores, local house-fixing experts, furnishing stores, furniture shops and even garden supply centers.

The effect this has on the economy micro-economically is matched by the macro-economic impact of continued real estate buying and selling through foreclosures. As a matter of fact foreclosures seem to be delivering value, sales and investment as well as profits at a time when the traditional channels of selling property seem to experience either a freeze or a severe slow down.

It is for exactly this reason that the global real estate market depends so much on foreclosures. When I explain this in my workshops I also explain the vital role played by real estate investors active in the foreclosure market.

While the rest of the real estate industry seems to slow down or stop and the economy itself is then affected the foreclosures market presents us with opportunities which, when taken, end up in real estate deals that generate wealth for many of those involved in them and then wealth for the community as a whole.

As a real estate investor very much active in the foreclosure front I cover many of the necessary elements in my courses which enable real estate investors to recognize a good deal, move fast to close it and put in place the kind of set up that generates good value for everybody. This way, while making money, they also do a lot of good to the local economy as well as positively affecting the larger economic picture and so help this great country of ours continue to set an example to the rest of the world.

Jeff Adams

This article was written by Jeff Adams, a national author, speaker and trainer who has done over 350 deals over the past 12 years. Get your FREE 7 Day E-Course and DVD “The Foreclosure Profits System" NOW at


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