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Scam Artists Win Over Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors, But Not by Much


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Scam Artists win over real estate agents and real estate investors, but not by much. . .

Preforeclosure and foreclosed in process homeowners have the cards stacked against them by the banks and lawyers who have a legal and orchestrated plan to repossess their home. And if that were not bad enough, the so called experts seem to come out of the woodwork like little armies of roaches to offer advice and help that is absolutely worthless.

Of course their motivation is strictly from a narcissistic view (self greed may be a better word). And the worst part is that they seem to be welcomed with open arms. I felt this same sensation months and months before I got foreclosed on myself.

Why is this? Well, the truth is that it is a lack of knowledge and a subconscious fear about what is happening, and what will happen. It is almost like seeing a fired cannon ball coming at you full force and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

The more stories you hear, the more negative you feel. In fact, everything around you is only seen through a negative set of eyes. The only hope is that somebody will tell you what you THINK you want to hear to make it better. Nobody likes pain, especially the one where you have no control or feel like a loser.

Now, here is where you can (like I did) turn it around. If you learn or research the foreclosure process and communicate with the bank, little things start to happen for the best. What I am taking about is your increased knowledge will actually seem to override your negative thoughts that were blinding you and turn them into positive strength.

And when you start communicating with the bank or whoever, you will begin to come out of the self constructed shell that has prevented you from moving or taking action to find a solution.

What I did was understand the foreclosure process, and instead of trying to make my immediate goal saving my house, I looked for ways to create more foreclosure TIME. I figured that the foreclosure clock ticks too fast if one does not take action to slow it down, and without enough TIME to think, it would be impossible to overcome the foreclosure challenges.

There are Seven Critical Steps I learned that were paramount to understand while I stretched the foreclosure time in order to try and save my house. And after I understood the process and how the banker, bankers's lawyer, realtors, real estate investors, and people who represent themselves as mediators (scam artists) think, I took control of the negative position I found myself and my family in and turned it around in becoming strong and positive, and I found more time within the foreclosure time deadline.

If you click on my website link below, I offer these Seven Critical Steps (Free) with an email detailed follow-up explanation.


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