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How to Stop Mortgage Foreclosure Process 6 Foreclosure Secrets Revealed


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There are many ways you can stop the mortgage foreclosure process. If you want to save your home you really can but you need to work closely with the bank every step of the way.

Secret 1 - Stay In Touch With the Lender

Working closely with the lender throughout the mortgage foreclosure process is crucial if you want to keep your home. You need to stay in touch with the lender at all times. When the lender calls, you must talk to them. Be sure the lender is entirely aware of your financial circumstances. Let the lender know you intend on keeping your home. When the lender knows you want to keep your home they will offer you options to help you save your home from the foreclosure process.

Secret 2 - Ask For Forgiveness Of Late Payments

When you keep the lender involved with what is going on with your financial situation they might offer you to allow you forgiveness of your payments that are behind. Usually, if you can start making your monthly payments as you should be the bank will offer forgiveness on what you previously owed. This action usually happens with people who are behind on their monthly mortgage payments because of a death in the family, divorce, or some other life event that is traumatic and why they are behind.

Secret 3 - Banks Do Not Benefit From Foreclosure

The reason mortgage lenders are willing to work with you on missing payments and give you forgiveness is because foreclosure is the last thing a bank wants to do. The bank doesn't want to foreclose on a home because they are going to lose thousands of dollars if they do foreclose. A bank wants you to make the payments on the home because they want the money in interest rates.

Secret 4 - Come Up With A Lump Sum Of Money

If you want to avoid the mortgage foreclosure process from taking your home and selling it in the auction you also should consider coming up with a lump sum of money. This lump sum of money should include all of the monthly payments you are behind and enough money to cover the late fees and penalties too. The only payment a bank will usually accept is the amount in full to bring your account current.

Secret 5 - Ask To Refinance The Loan

Some banks will also work with you by allowing you to refinance the loan for the home and lower your monthly payments. You might be able to take the back pay and put it on the back end of the loan. This could extend the length of the loan period. You can also talk to the bank about options for you.

Secret 6 - Keep All Documentation Handy

When you try to save your home from the mortgage foreclosure process you will have to provide documentation from the bank that proves you can afford to make the monthly payments on your home. If your financial situation has not changed any you may not be required to do this. The bank will require information from you if you want to keep your home.


There are many ways you can save your home from the mortgage foreclosure process . It is important to stay in close contact with your lender at all times if you want to save your home.

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