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Flipping With Out Flopping

Linton Gentles

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My name is Linton Gentles. I am a 31 year old part time real estate investor. I spend 25 hours a week buying, selling and flipping foreclosures. I teamed up with a very experienced company who has taken the time to show me the way to achieve ultimate success with quick turn real estate. Salvation Home Buyers has been around for more than 4 years. With our office located in Bergenfield, we have helped over 45 families save their home from foreclosure.

Finding the Deal:

The average investor goes to the court hose and looks up leads then go door knocking to get in contact with their leads. this is not a bad idea, however these leads are too far out. These people are usually only eight weeks away from the sale. You will have to move fast and have every thing and everyone in place. i. e. your buyer, seller, the mortgage, and you. With the time you have, you are cutting it close with time. We teach you how to extend your time with the bank and save the deal.

The beginner investor looks in the news paper and find the foreclosure listings and send out post cards to these individuals. These leads are usually four weeks before the sale. This makes it difficult for us to get all the required parties in place to close the deal in time. With the above in mind, you can still save the deal. We teach you how at Applied Education.

Becoming a Bird Dog!

A Bird Dog is an individual who wants to learn how to find houses and get paid for it. What you do.

1) Get a listing of house that as for sale or in foreclosure.
2) Visit each house and collect the information you need.
3) Take a picture of the house. ( front, side and inside)
4) Get all paperwork signed and notarized.
5) Collect pay check.

The above is a system we follow and use in our office. There are several other systems different investors follow. Use your discretion when getting involved with any kind of deal splitting.

Finding the deal of a life time at least once a week.

We Buy Houses Cash. Avoid Foreclosure. Behind on Payment OK.

You may have seen these signs on highways, on postcards, on letters and even in a email. These are common was of advertising. We advertise using all of the above.

Mailing Postcards- Each month you should mail out 200-2000 post cards to a list of individuals in foreclosure. You response from the mailing will cover your postage cost.

Ex. If you mail out 2000 post cards at .41cents equal $820.00 and $250 for the post cards. You invested $ advertising. You get 10 phone calls from this mailing and buy 1 house. You sell the house for a minimum of $10,000.00 profit. That is 107 % ROI (return on investment). Is it worth it?

Personal letters- After you have developed a list of people in foreclosure and visited the house a least once, send the a personal hand written letter. You can call me 201-679-2935 and I will fax you the letter I personally Use. I brought more houses this way.

Email Blast- There are several ways to do this. You can use you personal contact email list and build from there. My personal favorite is the opt-in email. If you already have a website offer a monthly news letter for free. When they sign up for the free newsletter you then captured their email address.

Send the monthly newsletter and any offers you may have. i. e. We would like to buy your house Cash. Follow this procedure once a week and you will buy a couple of houses a year this way.

In summary; All of the above methods work as long as you stick to it and do not QUIT. Applied Education can help you get started and build your portfolio with real estate. Call us today at 2016792935 because tomorrow will be too late.

Linton Gentles a 31 year old real estate investor.
Who love to share his knowledge with other to help get them started.


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What You Need To Know When Flipping A Foreclosure
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