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A Primer on Selling Your House in a Buyer's Market


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The sky is falling. Chicken Little may actually be right this time. And that's not all that's falling. The value of the dollar is falling through the cellar and so are home values. If you've got a $200,000 gem of a piece of property that you're looking to unload, you're probably finding that you're lucky if you can get 75% of that amount. Yeah, things are pretty bad all over. But they don't have to be. See, a lot of this is caused by mindset. Sure, some of it is the buyer's mindset. But some of it is yours too. And THAT is what we're looking to change with this article.

Let's be honest right now. You're thinking that there is no way you're going to sell your home for what it's worth, especially that it's probably been on the market for at least 30 days. Am I right? And your realtor? Forget about it. You're not getting any REAL help there so you're thinking that this is also a waste of your time. Nobody seems to have any answers and you begin to go into a panic. Tell me when I'm off base.

Okay, let's get one thing straight right from the get go. The value of a piece of property is what it's worth to the person who is buying it. Do you REALLY think that if a prospect were to see your home, realize that it was the home of their dreams, that they wouldn't pay you top dollar for it. . . especially if they thought that somebody else was waiting to snatch it from under them? Hey, they don't have to know that you're having trouble selling your home. It's none of their business. So YOU have to put on a front for that prospect. You need to show your home with confidence and make it very clear that it's going to go fast.

Don't rely on your realtor. Get out there and put your own ads into the marketplace. Don't come up with those lame “Must sell" ads. That just screams desperation and your prospect is going to know that they have you over a barrel. Don't know just what to write? No problem.

Below you will find a review that I think you'll want to read. It will solve ALL your problems as far as getting your house sold. I'm putting my reputation on the line by saying this because I firmly believe in this resource THAT much. It's literally fool proof.

Don't let the buyers walk all over you. You CAN get the price for your home that YOU want.

To YOUR House Selling Success,

Carson T Dyle

Want to sell your house even in a buyers market and get what YOU want for it? Read my other articles on this subject as well as a brief review of a great book with a totally out of the box tactic that WILL get your house sold. You can find it at


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What Is Involved In a Buyer’s Market
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