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How Important Are For Sale Signs?

Dave Harthman

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Don't under estimate “for sale" signs, because in today's market they are very very important.   Not having one installed on your property could costyou a potential buyer.

Let me explain; you're a buyer (without an agent) a decide to take a drive (without your agent) to a particular area interest.   When you do this you are fully aware that your only clue to available homes will be the ones with for sale signs.   Un-be-known to you, house XXX is also for sale but it does'nt have a for sale sign posted.  But each and every time you pass house XXX, it strikes you as what you're looking for.   In any event you don't second guess yourself because there is no for sale sign posted and make contact with your agent to see certain houses (house XXX is not on the list).   Because there was no for sale sign, house XXX just lost a potential buyer!

On the other hand let's say you wanted to see houses in XYZ community and your agent is familiar with the area. Your agent pulls houses which meet “your" criteria, but house XXX is not on the list as one to be shown.   You know no better because when you drive through there is “no" for sale sign posted even though it attracts you.   Once again, house XXX just lost a potential buyer because the buyer could'nt question his or her agent on the house they did not see on the list.   

Now a word of caution; for sale signs are only a small part of what's required in selling property.   Several other steps must be taken to assure that your property receives maximum exposure and response.   For example, you can't forget curb appeal, condition of the house, list price,  buyer incentives,  the property description, commission and much much more.

Remember, the object of selling a home is to get it sold. Buyers in a “buyers market" are not only looking for their dream home where they can plant roots and build memories for the next five or so years, but most importantly deals!  And in a buyers market, you have to be willing to deal or expect the deal not to work.

Sellers need to get it out of their head that they control everything,  because the fact is they don't.   Market conditions and to an extent the media will control how buyers think and react to properties.   No kidding and if you do,  call any real estate professional and ask them how important price is; and they'll tell you in today's market 99.9% of the time,  it's the top thing on a buyers mind today. Price it wrong and the property will sit,  price it right and the property is guaranteed to sell with the proper incentives and marketing campaign in place to compliment your package.

So once again, if you price it and market it with the right incentives,  they will come. For other interesting real estate articles, please visit us online. Advertising with us gives you maximum exposure and traffic in an already competitive real estate market.   Important in todays market, because a buyer will look outside the specific area or country when they know the currency exchange rate will benefit them else where.   Get the edge and advertise world wide with you!

World Properties Online is a great place for sellers wanting to list property with maximum results. Listing with us garners you a tremendous amount of exposure on the American and International real estate markets. World over, buyers will have access to your listing. Take a look, explore, give some feedback, and enjoy


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