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Condos and Lofts Search

Hayi Mansoor

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In the recent years, real estate market across the US has noticed a trend, which is an increase in the condos and lofts search and sale. This is great news for condo developers and also for the real estate market, which has not seen a high in quite some time. For example: if you look at the cultural neighborhood in East Austin, it has experienced a sudden revitalization with more and more condos and lofts being bought. In fact, the current sales figures have made East Austin a hot market for condos and lofts.

But who is interested condos and lofts search? Is there a particular demography, is there are particular segment? Well! The fact of the matter is that most people looking for condos and lofts are in their 20's or 30's, mostly professionals from the middle-class who can be categorized in the high to middle income group and who are seeking the a distinctive lifestyle at a not so high price. Apart from the basic amenities like air-conditioning, common pools, Jacuzzi, playgrounds, parks etc, most contemporary condos as well as lofts offer track lighting, stainless steel appliances and you can even choose from bamboo to concrete floors. Some of the big condominium associations even have their own retail stores, car washing, coffee shops, dry cleaning, grocery stores and even small businesses. Some of the modern condos even have rapid transport system available from within the locality or right across the street.

If you are thinking of buying a condo then you need to start with condos and lofts search. At the same time, you need to focus on certain aspects like:

1. Before you actually buy a condo, find out whether it was developed as a condo or it is merely a conversion from an apartment to a condo. The reason is that when apartments are converted into condominiums and lofts, the soundproofing might be less than optimal. But on the other hand, if a condo is being built from scratch then a lot of attention is paid to the soundproofing especially between common spaces, common walls, and between floors. Another important aspect is that it is difficult to find financing for a building converted to a condo.

2. Pet policy is an important aspect as well because all condominium associations have their own rules and restrictions on the number of pets and sometimes even the size of pets you can have. For example: there are condominium associations in New York who don't allow more than one pet per condo and as far as dogs are concerned some of them don't allow a German Shepherd Dog or a Doberman Pincher in a condominium. You will need to keep this mind during condos and lofts search.

3. The neighborhood might look great on the outside but you will need to dig deeper. You need to know what is happening in the neighborhood and within the boundaries of the association. One of the best options is to get in touch with an agent who is a condominium expert or who has all the information you need on specific condominium developments.

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condos and lofts search

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