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Condominiums - The Size Issue


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There are many differences between a condominium and a house that aren't just limited to size.  Overall maintenance and cost are other factors to think about when choosing a condominium over a house.  Here are a few more facts about condominiums regarding size compared to that of a traditional home.

Neighbor proximity is substantially closer when you live in a condominium complex.  You'll have to take into account the noise level of your neighbor.  Do they have pets, children, enjoy loud music, etc? You have to remember that this is different than owning a home in that your neighbor is literally your neighbor.  They are essentially your housemate as the two of you are joined within one building.  The walls are thinner and there isn't a yard to separate you.

Proximity also applies to landscaping, as most condominiums have their own yards to maintain.  While most complexes offer on site maintenance and upkeep for your yard, some complexes do not offer this luxury.  In this case, you are responsible for the maintenance and appearance of your yard, which can apply to your neighbor as well.  If you spend the time maintaining your side of the property and they don't, it reflects poorly on you.

Condominiums can be a great investment and offer the size you need without the cost of purchasing a traditional home.  Taking into account the proximity to your neighbor is important to fully appreciate the benefits of owning a condominium.  Take the time out to get to know your condominium neighbor, as establishing a good relationship with them will save you any type of discrepancies that may ensue after you've moved in.

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