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Planning an office Soho-based team building activities in a way to unite your team


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Bonding and gelling as a working team isn't merely a case of behaving in a highly professional manner and being civil - it is much more. Clashing personalities can make waves in an office but ultimately respect is something to be given and received by all parties.

This is precisely why it is important to schedule team-building events into your company calendar with the aim of allowing them to be the best team possible. Developing stable staff relations is the key to a great office.

So has come up with some tips and advice and if you trial them in your working environment then maybe your Soho team will see a growing bond and an improvement in business success.

1) Tell your staff exactly why they are involved in team building exercises. If your staff are unaware of why team building is an important task to undertake they may ask whether you are looking to fire any of them. So make it clear to your employees that this is about bringing them together so that you can give the work place a stronger dynamic. In clarifying the objectives of the team building exercises, it gives the employees a chance to open up and approach the task of getting to know co-workers with an open mind.

2) However, it's also about relaxing and having fun. You don't want office employees to be dreading the activities or be concerned about impressing you or out-performing other colleagues. You might have to remind them throughout the day that they can let go and just have fun with the activities. If you see a worker not having a fun time or looking like they feel out of place chat to them about their concerns and gently encourage them to participate.

3) Get all of your colleagues to participate - it is about getting everyone involved. Team building is not just a fun experience for the extroverts it is for everybody, so make sure you get everybody into the tasks. Make sure you choose activities that don't just have the loud ones volunteering. It is important to make each and every staff member feel included or the aim of the team building day will not be met.

4) Ask an expert in team building activities to help. There are specialist Soho-based companies that arrange team-boosting activities, so you may want to let them plan the day and arrange the activities so you can concentrate on bringing your team together. It is important for managers to set an example by participating in tasks too the way you behave will set the tone for the behaviour of your staff and you want to demonstrate leadership as well as appearing approachable. Actually, quite a few of the clients taking Soho office space from make use of Soho-based team building businesses.

5) Have a reflection session at the end of the day. After you have finished the final activities for the day, gather your staff together have them go through some of the highlights of the day. What was their favourite moment? Did they get to mix with any colleagues they hadn't met before? What did your staff learn upon reflection? Have they forged any stronger relationships as a result of the day? Is there any feedback they would like to give or improvements they would make?

So if your team could do with a day to bring them all together then consider what a team building day could do for your Soho-based staff.


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Environmentalism and Team Building False Direction of Team Theories
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