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Choose a Steel Building, Build a Lifetime Home for your Horse


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If you own a horse, you already understand their amazing intelligence and ability to connect with your heart, even to the point of “becoming one” with your thoughts and gestures. They become dearer than a dog and nearly as close as a child. This makes the decision to find the best shelter for your horse of even greater significance.

However, in an economy that is so trying and in a time when so many horse owners cannot provide the right housing for their horses, finding the safest, strongest, and hygienic barn for your horse can be difficult. Many may resort to self-erect a traditional wood barn to save on cost, which will not last and will eventually require extra maintenance in the long run.

But what if there was an easier way to have the perfect haven for your horse at a price so cost-effective, it would make a wood barn the thing of the past? Perhaps you recently bought a horse and have no time to lose in creating the best home for your horse.

A Steel Building satisfies all of these needs!

Eleven Reasons a Steel Barn is Right for You:

• Quicker Construction: Accomplished rapidly and installed faster than any other material, a steel building is easier to build than any other material.

• Cost-Effective. With a Steel Building, materials and construction costs are up to 60% less expensive than other shelters. Contingent on what size barn you require and what style you choose, the average expense varies. *Pre-Engineered Steel Barn Kits are available in both a Straight Wall Barn or an Arch (Quonset) Style. Straight Wall Barns: Ranging from between $7 and $22 per square foot as well as the cost of stalls and accessories all determine the final price of the barn. With large barns, the cost of each square foot also decreases.
*Quonset Style Barns: The least expensive option, Quonset barns typically range from $5 to $15 per square foot. Please ask for a quote, to calculate any stalls and accessories you may want to add to your package. The S- or P- model Quonsets will offer the most efficient use of floor and wall in relation to the Q-model arched barn.
Options to also regard are the cost of accessories, which will add at least 20% to material cost, delivery, and labor costs.

• Efficient. In extreme climates, the expenses for maintaining the proper temperature for a horse can be costly. Statistically, wooden structures do not retain the warmth in the winter nor the cool environment suitable for a horse as a steel building. Steel buildings save money on both heating and cooling fees.

• Go Green. Save trees! Constructed with recycled scrap metal, these structures are not only reducing the amount of wood customarily used to set up a barn, but also decreases the cost otherwise needed to pay for the mining of iron ore.

• Minimal maintenance. As opposed to wooden framed barns, which often rot and require frequent painting and roof replacement, Steel Buildings will outlast the test of time.

• Secure. Got a sneaky stallion who knows how to escape past barns? A steel structure is extremely durable and completely kick and bite proof. Eradicate emergency calls to a veterinarian from splinters or injury to your horses.

• Protect. What could be more devastating than a barn fire? The emotional and financial toll is disastrous. Steel Structures are fireproof and are weather resistant. No more worrying if your horses are in danger of a sagging roof collapsing or leaks appearing!

• Hygenic. Unlike wooden barns, which easily absorb odor and are prone to rotting and can easily spread disease, steel structures are easy to clean and last for years!

• Stylish. Perhaps you own a reputable farm where the appearance of your barn must make a statement. Your horses deserve the best environment possible to maintain peak performance! A variety of finishes are available in many exterior wood siding or shingle finishes and colors.

• Insurable. Trouble finding insurance as a result of where your farm is located? Hurricane or Earthquakes a threat? With steel, the cost of insurance is up to 40% lower.

• Warranty. Have confidence! Every steel building is entirely covered by a warranty that extends typically about 25 years.

Two Types of Steel Buildings :

• Usually 30% less expensive than Straight Walls. • Intensely solid. Designed for earthquake and hurricane resistance• Simple, faster, and a cinch to install.

Straight Wall
• Appealing and Charming “traditional” design. • Far more durable and stronger than any other materials. • Inexpensive, easy, and quick to erect.

Steel horse barns will save you money, give your horse the life it deserves, and will protect your investment!


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