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What is an Air Source Heat Pump?


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An air source heat pump is a heating system that converts air from outside your home into heat. This has a multitude of benefits, the obvious one being the use of sustainable and renewable energy. Not only can an air source heat pump keep you warm in the winter months, in the bitter temperatures of -20 degree C, it can also lower your increasingly important carbon footprint. The importance of providing an energy efficient range of products has increased, in order to meet the ever increasing demand to use renewable energy.

How Does an Air Source Heat Pump Work?

The air source heat pump works by drawing air from outside your home. This is done by the refrigerant solution which absorbs the air into the pump system; this is the same technology used in a fridge, which removes warm air from inside the fridge to keep the inside environment cold.

The air that is drawn from outside is then transferred into the indoor unit. The indoor unit then goes on to heat the air and distribute the warm air around your house, flat or industrial unit accordingly.

This heating system is incredibly energy efficient and can lower your energy bills, depending on what fuel you are replacing.
Suitable for your home?

The air source heating system is generally recommended for smaller properties such as a flat, conservatory or a smaller industrial or commercial unit. This is due to the heating system gradually heating your building rather than producing a rapid increase in the property’s inner temperature. To gain the full benefits of air source heating pump your home will also have to have good installation in place, to keep the heat in.

The benefits of the air source heat pump?

Reducing your carbon footprint is not the only advantage of owning an air source heat pump, although it is a considerable one. The air source heat pump also has the benefit of reducing your electricity bills. The air source heat pump needs little maintenance, and due to the low noise emission you forget that it is even there.

If you choose your supplier and fitter carefully, the extremely high standard of service is maintained by their fully trained and helpful staff, who will offer informed advice on any product or service. They will pride themselves on providing a reputable and quality service that you can trust in to install your much needed air source heat pump . The need to lower your carbon foot print is an ever increasing pressure, and they can offer you the solution not only to reduce your carbon emissions but also to lower your heating bills.


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