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All You Need To Know About Aviation Communities

Lora Davis

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You may have heard about aviation communities Florida and may be you are wondering what kind of communities these are; while Florida has the greatest number or airpark homes for sale, there are also many others in other different states and especially California and Texas. For those who don’t have the slightest idea, airpark communities in Florida, also known as residential airparks are neighborhoods where the residents share one or more runways which are usually connected to a nearby airport even though at other times the airport could also be part of the community; these runways are fully owned and maintained by the aviation communities in Florida.

When talking about airport properties you are also likely to hear about a house with a runway; these are basically regular homes like the ones you see in most parts of the United States with the main exception being that they have a hangar that is either connected to them or one that is situated separately in the property. Also known as hangar homes, a house with a runway can be of any size beginning from a small apartment to the biggest and most beautiful home that you can think about. Just like you regular home will have as many bedrooms as you want and a garage or two, in residential airpark you have homes that have a hangar where the owner keeps their airplane.

When building airport homes for sale the developers will usually employ the same standards as you would find in building the regular homes. However, the hangar will usually be bigger than your typical garage sometimes covering as much as 2000 sq. ft. In many aviation communities in Florida you will find that they have houses that are built right up against the runway while in others they will have one on a regular street; they will usually taxi their aero planes on the same streets where they drive their cars.

If you are wondering whether there is ever a conflict between cars and airplanes for the people who reside in Florida airpark communities, the answer is a resounding no. Since the people who live in airpark communities in Florida are brought together by their love for planes and all things aviation, they have an agreement to give the airplanes the right of way. Usually, when someone is driving down the street and they see an airplane approaching, they simply drive off the street or into a neighbor’s driveway so as to allow the planes go by; the neighbors will not take any offense since they are all friends and they will simply wave at you.

Contrary to what most people may think, aviation communities in Florida as not as noisy as most people would want to imagine; there are only a few occasions when there may be more than the normal share of noise such as when some neighbors have invited tens of guests who come in flying. Because of such special days, when you buy residential airpark homes for sale you may want to make sure that they have double glazed windows and you can be sure that you will not hear a sound.


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