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No credit check apartment rentals

Kamil Jain

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We all come to a time in our lives when we hit the rock bottom and our credit reports are pathetic. Trouble can come when you are looking for an apartment rental but you have a bad credit report or perhaps you still haven’t built up any kind of report and you are looking for your first apartment. With the right type of knowledge, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get an apartment rental.

Private apartments: The first place you want to begin from is persons who have small apartment rental complexes or those who have small rooms to rent and who won’t need to run a credit check the way larger apartment owners do. Some of these places can be found in classified ads on websites and newspapers. If your keen you could also see a sign posted somewhere with ‘room for rent’.

A huge deposit: Depending on the people managing the apartment rentals, some usually require a larger deposit now that they don’t care about any credit reports. This is what they require for you to demonstrate your ability to pay rent at the beginning of every month. In such cases the average is almost always something like three months’ rent but you must make sure that you have something left for your utilities, insurance and daily upkeep.

A co-signer: In some cases, you will require a co-signer for you to get a no credit apartment rental. However, the catch is normally that the co-signer needs to be aware that should you fail to pay up, they will be legally bound to cover whatever bills you will have accumulated. The person co-singing for you doesn’t have to stay with you in the apartment but must be someone who knows you well enough to be willing to take the risk on your behalf. This could be a friend or a relative who will be willing and able to cover your lease just in case you fail.

Apartment managers: There is still another viable option where you can make an appointment with an apartment manager to find out what their credit qualifications are. You should be able to explain whether your credit is suffering as a result of some high medical bills you are trying to offset, whether you have declared bankruptcy or you put some top dollar on your credit card accounts. Most apartment managers will be able to differentiate between issues and may be willing to accommodate you if they see a viable payment plan. This may also show that you have the willingness to take responsibility over your money matters.

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