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Why Should I Buy Now? Now is the Time to Buy

George Hooper

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Everyone's dream a home of their Own. Yes it was always mine. When I was young I bought my 1st one, not cheap by standards today. It was the best deal I could have made at that time and still is. Now is the time to buy the home, You have always dreamed of. Why now!! You may ask. ‘'That is dumb, '’ Others may say.

The market is falling apart. Yes Now!! Prices Will never go lower than now! So the federal government has taken on a massive debt. They will sell !,000 if not hundreds of 1000s of properties for the lowest prices as possible. The government does not what them can not use them and it hurts the city and state governments if they hold them( no taxes for them). Right now fixed interest rates should be the lowest they have been in years. I bought my 1st home at 8% fixed interest rate. What are the fixed interest rates now now!! Much lower!! 1% can save you a fortune for the future. When rate go back up they will stay high.

Everyone thinks a New Home should be New. There are lots of existing homes out there some may need a little (TLC) tender loving care but they all do it is called upkeep. They will still be less expensive than renting. Renting = Money lost, however buy an existing home at a low price! Can earn you instant profit from the start. Value verses the cost of your investment. That is really what you are doing when you buy a home, investing.

Basic steps before Buying an existing home. Figure your cost. Thats how much you will pay for the house how much it will cost to fix any broken, damaged or missing items in the house.
Look at the homes around where you intend to purchase are they in good shape Remember! This maybe your biggest investment ever. Ask yourself do I want to live in this area!! Also you must figure what will all the bills total. Yes, Remember, Electricity, water, gas and travel expenses.

Most reality sites offer lots of graphs charts and other items to help you make an informed choice. Use them, they can help you greatly to decide, if it is a good buy. Now everything is a buyers market. Do not be rushed into a deal there are lot of great deals out there.

Do not I repeat Do not over extend yourself normal debts come every month. Most home buyers Over extend themselves think I will earn more later and never do. Do not get caught there You may but a lot of people who thought the same did not.

Find the home you want at Reality Company you can trust. Some low cost homes are good starter for a young family but they may need extra TLC. Some may require you find financing 1st. Always check with your Bank 1st. They may have a deal for you!

The Key as with everything is research. You can Find that doll house you always wanted.



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