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Why Buy Your First Home in Today's Real Estate Market?

R.P. Brown

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Some buyers are hesitating to buy their first home now. Perhaps you are unsure because you're worried about the real estate market, or you're afraid you can't qualify for a mortgage loan. Maybe you don't want to make a move yet, because you'd like to wait until you think the market is going to hit bottom.

But did you know that RIGHT NOW is the best time to buy? Buying an owner-occupied house is not based on the market, it's based on YOUR family's needs and capabilities. If you can afford the monthly mortgage payments, then seize this opportunity to provide your family with the security of owning their own home. In fact, right now IS the best time to buy your first home. Why?

  1. Lowest real estate values in many years. As you know, the real estate values are lower now than in the last few years. Will the values rise soon? Will they continue declining? It really doesn't matter because. . .
  2. Long-term appreciation. Although real estate values operate on a cyclical market (increasing, then decreasing, then increasing), over the long term, appreciation still averages about 5% in California and many other states. So if you're buying a long-term family home that you plan to leave for your children, the short-term market fluctuation shouln't affect your plans.
  3. High inventory level. Right now, there's lots of houses on the market. Your Realtor® can help you choose from homes in established neighborhoods, bank-owed REOs, foreclosure short sells, and new homes offered by builders. In this buyers’ market, you're in the driver's seat!
  4. More experienced real estate agents. The market fluctuation has weeded out many real estate agents, so the agents still doing well in sales are those quality, experienced agents.
  5. More personal attention. With fewer buyers out there, real estate agents now have more time to devote to you, paying close attention to your needs. As a matter of fact. . .
  6. Buyers are preferred. In today's buyer's market, buyers are highly sought after, because they drive the sales and therefore the market. Typically, real estate agents are focused on pursuing sellers, and often ignore buyers. But not anymore!
  7. Sellers are more willing to negotiate. Quite simply: more houses for sale = more choices for buyers = more leverage to negotiate better price and terms! Your Realtor® can help you make offers and negotiate the best price and terms for your situation.
  8. Great quality loans available. Yes, despite some things you may hear, borrowers can find terrific mortgage loans. And now they're at all-time low, competitive interest rates. You can trust your loan application to a local, reputable lender with a track record of serving borrowers successfully for many years.
  9. Loan payoff programs. You've heard of bi-weekly mortgage payoff programs, but now there's a new method: an early mortgage acceleration program that can help you pay off your 30-year loan in as little as 8 years WITHOUT any extra payments! This totally new concept is mathematically sound, saving you $100,000 - $500,000 of interest (depending on your loan amount). Previous borrowers did not have this opportunity. For more information, visit
  10. Tax break! Don't forget that you can receive a mortgage interest deduction on your annual tax filing. It can be substantial enough to offset any additional expense of owning (versus renting). So now there's no excuse!

Remember, you're not buying for the appreciation. The main reason to buy a house is because you and your family would like to have a safe, secure, stable home. Another reason is that you can begin owning real estate with an owner-occupied investment, and later on you can buy a larger “move-up" house. So if your property appreciates, that is great, it's “icing on the cake", but not the main reason to buy your home.

Now it's time to get out there and find your dream home. Start your search at which offers the largest listing of homes for sale online. It's the number one search site for buyers across the U. S. , and with good reason - it boasts the most inventory of property available. So don't put it off any longer. . . Take the first step to fulfilling your family's dream of home ownership today!

R. P. Brown serves the California Central Coast, helping home buyers and sellers to realize their dreams of homeownership.

Experience Includes:

Real Estate Broker; licensed since 1988
Member of local Board of Realtors, CAR, and NAR
Notary Public; commissioned since 1998
Lifelong resident of San Luis Obispo county (4th Generation local family)
A. A. Degrees in Real Estate and Small Business Management
Technical Writing Certificate
Business Major at Cal Poly State University
Established in our community - connections with many residents & merchants
Past President of 2 local non-profit organizations
Continue to volunteer for local organizations
Previous business owner

Qualifications Include:

Experienced in all phases of Real Estate services, including
First Time Buyers
Buyer's Broker
Foreclosures & Bankruptcy Cases
Mortgage Lending
Property Management
Motivated - Work hard for you!
Ethical and Trustworthy
MLS access by internet

For more information, visit the professionals at


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