Three Recommendations On Home Purchases and Home Loans


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Analyze The Loan Contract Thoroughly Prior to Signing

Lenders are obliged to disclose all the fees, costs and charges included in the loan contract. They cannot conceal a single one or they would be held responsible for fraud. Therefore, you can request a breakdown of all their fees and charges to make sure nothing is left out and you know exactly what they will charge you. Sometimes fees and charges from insurance and other costs can increase your monthly payments considerably.

So, review all the fees and charges before signing anything and if necessary, seek legal advice. A lawyer can always translate to you those intricate legal clauses and explain them to you in a simple language. Sometimes legal terms have a different meaning than the usual sense of the worlds and you would otherwise be completely unaware of this fact.

Go to the Neighborhood Before Purchasing

It’s imperative that you visit the property before purchasing it but don’t do just that. Go around the neighborhood and see if you are comfortable there. See what kind of shops you have around and analyze whether all your needs can be met without traveling a lot. Put special attention to basic needs: supermarket, kiosk, pharmacy, bank, etc. Don’t neglect other important factors like entertainment (cinema, bars, restaurant, etc. ).

If you have children look for schools and a proper clinic or hospital, and also other entertainment sites like parks, pools, shopping centers, etc. This may sound superfluous but when you are choosing the place where you will live for many years, it is important for you to pay attention to all the details. See what things you enjoy about your current location and which ones you could use and according to those things search for not only your property but the neighborhood too.

Also, don’t visit the property always on the same days and times. Visit the property and the neighborhood at different times and dates so you can see whether it is secure, if it changes during the weekends, etc.

Do your Budgeting With Precaution

Remember that your property is collateral. This means that the property is guaranteeing the repayment of your loan and in the event of default you could easily lose it to repossession if the lender wants to take legal action. Therefore, it is important that you do your budgeting and analyze whether you can afford the monthly payments of your home loan without hassles or not.

If you can’t, see if it is possible to extend the repayment program so as to obtain lower monthly payments. Don’t close on a deal too close to your income limitations because if unexpected expenses occur, you may default on your home loan or on other debts.


Mary Wise, a professional consultant at with twenty years in the financial field, prevents consumers from falling into the hands of fraudulent lenders. In her website you will find more useful tips and interesting financial articles on this and many other related topics.


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Home Loans Home Mortgage How to Find a Legitimate Home Mortgage Modification ..
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