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Busy summer for affordable property management companies in phoenix and scottsdale az


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I found out that my property manager is not licensed, do property managers need to be licensed?

We have heard this story to many times to count. There are always going to be those individuals out there that try to make a buck. Each story is different, but the basic ideas are the same. You buy a property and start looking for a property manager. Low and behold someone comes forward claiming to be a property manager. You hire them and then the next thing you know your property is never rented and the person is nowhere to be found. When we are asked, “do property managers need to be licensed?” we tell them ‘You don’t need to have a property management license to do property management. You only need a real estate license that has been issued by the State. ’ Lesser Associates LLC employs licensed realtors with the Arizona Department of Real Estate. The duties of property management are to know what the law is when it comes to renting your home. Any one claiming to be a property manager and says that they have a property managers license is not telling you the full truth. Word of advice … ask the person if you can see a copy of their license. If they fail to provide you with or give you an address that you can access and see their license then they’ve failed to fulfill their property management duties. Just walk away. You will save yourself valuable time and money.

What makes Lesser Associates property management professionals different from other companies?

Lesser Associates LLC affordable professionals look out for you, our client. Management of your property does not include your personal information being given out to any vendor. Nor will we in any way attempt to force you to do something. There are other companies that we work with in the Phoenix Metro Area that (according to previous experiences from our clients) tell you that you must do X, Y, & Z. They attempt to make you spend more money on your unit when you don’t need to. Yes, from time to time we may recommend that you update your sheets, towels (for our Furnished/Vacation rentals) or a fresh coat of paint. We attempt to find the best prices for you. Below you will find a copy of our most recent company shopping report. It is amazing how much some companies get when you add everything up. The chart is based on a $2000 per month rental. Owning a home or investing in one is sensitive business because it is the framework families are based on. Families need to be able to rely on a solid monthly budget with no leaks. We’re the most affordable with no hidden fees. Property management should be simple, not clouded by greed.

Are there any “hidden fees” or MLS Listing Fees?

We do not charge any “hidden fees”. All of our residential property management fees are spelled out in our management contract. From time to time the contract is updated and fees may change, but you as the residential owner will be notified of any changes in property management fees. MLS Listing Fees is a very interesting concept that was brought to our attention. There are some companies that charge you a fee to list your property in the MLS. The agent might say something along these lines: “My broker requires that I collect a fee because we are charged a fee to put our listings in the MLS” or “As an agent we are charged for each listing that we put into the MLS by the MLS. ” This is clearly a situation where your agent has manipulated you. The Offices of Lesser Associates is not going to charge you a fee to put a property in the MLS. As a member of the MLS, we are able to put as many listings as we want into the system for one yearly fee. Our yearly fee is part of our expenses.

Why should I hire a property manager for desert home property management?

The real question to ask yourself is do you want to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week? If you answered yes to that question then you don’t need Lesser and Associates. If you answered no then we are the complete realty property management you need. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on holidays. It could be Thanksgiving or Easter or even Labor Day and a tenant could call with a problem. Many of your desert home property management problems can be handled over the phone. While some require a visit from one of our vendors (AC, Heating, Pool, or Electrical we do it all).

We do a complete walk through with the realty tenant, collect the property rents, and our management professionals make sure the tenant pays. We run the credit and reference checks on all tenants. Sometimes it is a little harder to find out if a person truly works for the company that they state. Through our contacts over the years we have been able to find the back doors to get the best possible information. Our monthly management fee includes the sending of owner’s checks, monthly statements, year-end statements, and don’t forget those fun Tax forms. The second question should be “what will I gain?” not how much is it going to cost me? You will regain your peace of mind. Our costs are very competitive for what we do. Depending on which program you choose to place your property in.

Lowest Monthly fees and Affordable Commission Rates…

A residential monthly management fee of $65-100 is well deserved to our licensed brokers. you can retain good property management professionals. For the most part, residential property management fees vary, ranging between a good 4 to 15% monthly rent. A property management professionals’ worth is in his or her commission rates.

What about commissions?

Commission is a very interesting aspect of a good Real Estate & property management Market. For leasing our commission is 10%-20% depending on the program. If you want to sell your home we offer two different commissions. If Lesser Associates is the only agency involved the charge to you is only 3.5%. If another office is involved then Lesser Associates charges 6%.

why do you believe you're the best?

Because our concern is helping investors and home-owners make the best return on their investment we often find ourselves consulting family, friends and associates who cannot afford to hire a manager. We think it's a likeable personality profile & our best quality. is a complete realty and property management, leasing, & sales company in the phoenix and Scottsdale AZ areas that often receives questions from the community about investment property management. Hope this helps anyone complete their realty search who’s looking for investment property managers, property management professionals, or licensed property managers with companies in Phoenix Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa AZ.


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