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Did You Know There are Cheap Mexico Beachfront Lots for $45,000?!

Thomas Lloyd

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When we think of beachfront property – even lots – we imagine one of two things; either very highly priced land in tourist areas, beyond the reach of the average budget, or a lot out in the middle of nowhere.

There is good news for the average American buyer, however; cheap Mexico beachfront lots are available for very accessible prices, with very convenient access to modern services for a comfortable lifestyle.

First of all, you'll want to know what “cheap" is; we've all been in the situation where someone presents us with “affordable" real estate, and, when see the price, we're left thinking, “Geez! You call that cheep? That's a couple times more than my home is worth!"

How's this for cheap? $45,000 USD for a lot directly on a beautiful beachfront.

Building a home of about 1500 sq. ft. will be the more expensive part – about $100,000 USD. However, considering that for a total of around $150,000 (with any other minor expenses), which is less than an average home back in the U. S. or Canada, you will own a single home directly on the beach, this is amazing.

To put this into perspective, nearby luxury condos in golf course communities (less than 30 minutes away), that are actually a little back from the beach itself, will start somewhere around $500,000. For a bit more than a quarter of this price, you have a private home with a yard – and a soft, sandy beach is your front yard!

What's more, you have the benefit of being able to buy the lot first, then save up a little longer for the construction. This is, by no means, an all up-front expense.

Going back to the point about services; cheap Mexico beachfront lots , for this price, can be found in excellent locations. For this price, you could expect to find a lot with:

All connections and a building permit. Water, electricity, phone and high-speed internet! No need to live off the grid. Having a guaranteed building permit also ensures that you can turn this lot into your dream home for vacations or retirement.

Highway Access. Mexico is currently the leading nation for new highway construction. This means that previously out-of-the-way beachfront areas now have direct access from lots on the beach.

A Nearby City. Mexico's charming old cities are transforming, not only to include modern services like Walmart, movie theaters and international airports, but also to fully restore their colonial downtown areas. Lots like these ones could be found less than an hour away from a city.

So, did you use to think that owning on the beachfront, in a convenient area, was beyond your reach? Perhaps you should re-consider.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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