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Playa del Carmen Real Estate Search – Choosing Your Agent

Thomas Lloyd

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When looking for Playa del Carmen real estate, it can definitely be a good idea to take a little look around while you're down on vacations, see what's for sale, what kinds of neighborhoods you like, etc. But what about your agent?

Easy, just call the number on the sign, right?

No. Here's a very important point: your search for the agent to represent you in your real estate search and transaction should be a separate process, independent of finding the right property. Why?

  • The agent on the sign might not be the most qualified agent to ensure that you find the best property for you, and guide you through the process safely.
  • This agent might be dedicated to selling that property in particular. It is always to your advantage to have a variety of suitable properties shown.

How should you go about finding the right agent, then?

  • You can start buy checking on the internet, asking around town (if you are there) or talking to friends who have already bought.
  • Ask your agent for references, qualifications (certificates, degrees), experience, etc.
  • Make sure you feel confident with this person and know that you can trust them; this is a big decision for you.

Also, don't think that just because it's a big, international name, that they are more qualified. They could be, but make sure you research and ask for proof; don't assume anything. Just like the agent you saw on the sign, they could be a good option, but you always need to do your homework to check things out, and find the best option.

After making contact with an agent, if you feel they are pressuring you to make a decision about property, you might want to find another option. This includes pressure to buy only one certain property, pressure to make a decision quickly without getting all available information, or evaluating your own needs and finances.

An agent who offers further information, and more options, on the other hand, is probably a good sign that they want to help you find what is best for you.

These guidelines apply to Mexico real estate in general. Go ahead, do some personal property and neighborhood research, on-line, using MLS listings, and while on vacation, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that this replaces the search for your agent. If you invest the time into doing your agent search properly, the property search and buying process will go much more smoothly!

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