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Playa del Carmen Condos – A Favorite Beachfront Choice

Thomas Lloyd

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Among the various Playa del Carmen Property options, the condos in this beautiful beachfront city are possibly the favorite, not only within Playa del Carmen, but also compared to beachfront options throughout Mexico and beyond. There are several compelling reasons why Playa del Carmen Beachfront Condos are such a popular choice for Americans and Canadians looking to relocate to, or own a vacation property in a warmer climate.

One is that class and culture are a part of luxury. Playa del Carmen Luxury Condos are not only high-quality constructions, with excellent interior design making day to day life a pure pleasure, but the visual image and lifestyle atmosphere of the city adds a significant factor to this type of lifestyle. In Playa del Carmen, constructions are limited to 4 storeys (the ground floor plus three more – Mexican's call this 3 storeys"). Walking through a city has a very different feel to it when you are surrounded by classy European-like buildings; people feel more comfortable, and relaxed. This European feel of Playa del Carmen is strengthened by the large Italian community, and a Italian district has formed on the southern part of Playa's famous Fifth Avenue.

Buyers who are looking or luxury want convenience. While a condo in a super-high rise building may cost less, the relaxation of living on the beachfront just isn't the same when you have to take an elevator down 20 floors before you can enjoy it. In a low-rise condo, residents can choose to take the elevator, or relaxing walk down only 1 or two floors if they like. Also, the view is much more enjoyable from the third floor . . .

The beachfront itself is another reason why Playa del Carmen's condos are an excellent option. The beaches of Mexico's Caribbean coast are considered by many to be the most beautiful in the world, with their soft white sand, and turquoise blue water. While the beaches in Playa are naturally wide, a recent project has widened certain key points of the beachfront to about 300 ft, adding large amounts of additional space to enjoy it. Besides the excellent design, the atmosphere of the city, and the quality of the beachfront condo owners in Playa del Carmen also enjoy many day-to-day conveniences, including large international stores (such as Sam's and Walmart, as well as their Mexican equivalents), several world-class golf courses nearby, and excellent hospitals.

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