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Mexico Homes Offer Safe Family Living – Cozumel Real Estate Area Named Safest Community in Mexico

Thomas Lloyd

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When we consider buying a Mexico home, either for retirement, for a vacation home for our family, or to move permanently, one of the first factors we consider is safety for our families and for ourselves. Cozumel Real Estate offers one of the safest communities in Mexico; with all the news reports we hear about crime and robberies – sometimes seems as much as our home countries as in Mexico or anywhere else – this makes buying a home in Cozumel one of the best options for a relaxing retirement or family life with peace of mind.

This high level of safety is more than just a local claim. Recently Cozumel was recognized as the safest city in Mexico, despite a shortage of police, according to international standards.

On the island of Cozumel, the Mexico's Navy, the Mexican Army, the Air Force and the Federal Police all have a presence. And this is not a reaction to any problems that have ever occurred. The crime has been consistently low, and the various security forces on the island work together with the municipal government, and collaborating with the state and federal governments as well, to prevent crime, keeping the crime rate low and protecting citizens. It is a plus for buying Cozumel real estate to hear the word “prevention, " when so much of what we hear in the news is reaction to problems which have already occurred.

International safety parameters indicate that for every 100 inhabitants, there should be one policeman. There are almost 90 thousand inhabitants, so there should be about 900 policemen, a number higher than the actual amount on the island. However, because the armed forces and state and federal police work together with Cozumel's Public Safety department, the island does not currently need more police.

Cozumel has the advantage of having the presence of the three branches of the armed forces, which does not occur in any other municipality in Mexico, adding a particularly high level of preventative security. A part of the coordinated effort of crime prevention are regular meetings to discuss safety strategies in which staff participate from the National Security Research Center.

In addition, The Director of Public Safety has announced that are already talks with the commissioner of the Federal Preventive Police, which currently has a presence only in the international airport, to join the security operations on a wider scope.

Considering these factors – low crime rate and a high level of crime prevention – where could be a better place to buy your Mexico home ? Chances are it is even safer than your town back home.


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Mexico Real Estate – Living in Relaxation, Before Retirement
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