According To Sellers, Silence Isn't Always 'Golden'


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When trying to sell a home, silence isn't always golden especially when you're expecting your real estate agent to call. In fact, it's one of the leading complaints among sellers in the real estate market. Often times you find an agent who is more than willing to take on your listing, but once the relationship is made, the seller enjoys getting a call at least once a week.

A seller should establish with the agent up front the expectation that regular communication will occur. Even if it's just to check-in, the seller will be more satisfied being kept ‘in the loop’.

Keeping the communication lines open between the two parties assures the seller that the agent is keeping them apprised of any and all offers. In addition, agents often provide valuable tips on why prospective buyers weren't interested. Often times, an agent is privy to the buyer's dislikes of the property. For instance ‘this room's too dark’ or ‘the kitchen has a funny smell. ’ This allows the agent to give the seller constructive feedback and offer important tips on how to make the home more attractive to future buyers.

If you're a seller and are not hearing from your broker, be sure to keep calling them until they get the message that you expect a regular update. If the broker doesn't return your calls, leave a message for your broker's office manager. The manager will see to it that your broker becomes more attentive to your listing.

Selling a home can be a lot of work and sometimes quite stressful. It is incumbent upon an agent to satisfy the seller's expectations of routine updates, this will ensure the possibility of future business not to mention a successful sale. Furthermore, as a seller you must demand the communication exchange between you and your agent. If both parties work in a cooperative effort, the selling experience will be more successful and enjoyable for both the agent and the seller involved.

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