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So you want to buy a home? This is a big step for anyone, and there are many factors to consider, not the least of these is how to get the money for a home. Sure there are loans available for home purchase, but you must have cash on hand to cover expenses such as fees and closing costs that might not be able to be covered by a loan.

So what are some ways the average person can get some money to make the payments necessary to get a house?

If you plan to buy a house within a year you will need a savings plan that yields rapid results. Saving money can become a challenge as you only have so much disposable income on a monthly basis. A second job can be a viable solution for building your savings fast.

Looking into other income possibilities such as a cash value insurance policy or a 401k can help get the money together. Withdrawal penalties may be assessed but it might be worth the cost to get the home. Other ideas to gather money include selling valuables online or in a garage sale. Extra cars, stocks, collectables, and other items that have a value can yield big returns.

If you are working on a long range plan you obviously have more time to collect the money. Investing more money in a 401k or cash value insurance policy can help hold onto the money for the house.

Opening a savings account or a CD can help make sure the money is available, and earning interest. A second job is still an option, but as you have more time to save you have the luxury of working fewer hours. Home based businesses offer a flexible option for earning additional income. Choose carefully to find a business that is profitable and legitimate.

Buying a home is a big step let your credit union help you plan to make it happen.

Nicole Soltau is the President and Founder of The Leading Credit Union Directory.

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Tips For Saving Money Around the Home
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