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Have you ever dreamed of living in a spectacular tropical paradise where you spend your days sitting on a beach watching the waves roll in? Where the air is clean, the climate always warm and your neighbors are always welcoming you with warm smiles and sincere hellos? The place you’ve always dreamed of is probably Maui. Whether you’re looking for a waterfront vacation property, a new place to live and work or are considering options for retirement, purchasing a Maui waterfront property could be the answer to your tropical paradise dreams.

Maui is the second largest island on the Hawaiian chain. Besides its pristine beaches, Maui is home to a rainforest, volcanoes, waterfalls, wetlands, fabulous shopping, some of the best waterfront hotels, resorts and restaurants in the world and of course an exciting Hawaiian culture and lifestyle. And what other place in the world can you look out the back window of your waterfront property and watch as amazing humpback whales make their winter home in the warm waters off the coast? You could only experience this on Maui. When you live in Maui you’ll be part of an incredibly unique community. A small population that is diverse culturally, ethnically and spiritually. A magical island you’ll want to call home.

Finding a waterfront property in Maui should be easy. With its 120 linear miles of beautiful shoreline you’re sure to find a waterfront property that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Once you’ve made the decision to purchase property on Maui’s waterfront, there are several ways you can investigate what properties are for sale.

One of the first things you might do to find out what waterfront properties in Maui are available is check online. Using a search engine, type in “waterfront properties in Maui for sale" to get a listing of agencies that are have properties available. Visit each site to see what waterfront properties they are offering. Some agencies have pictures and videos of the homes they have for sale. Once you find a property that interests you, call the agency to request more information and to schedule a visit.

If you’re going to be visiting Maui, then searching waterfront property to purchase just got easier. Again, you’ll want to do some preliminary searching online to find properties available or at least get a list of agents that you’ll want to contact regarding waterfront properties in Maui. Either before or once you’re in Maui, you can contact the agents to set up a time to tour the various properties for sale. Or, if you don’t want to involve an agent yet, you can make a day of it and take a scenic drive around the areas that interest you and look for waterfront properties that up for sale. Take down the number and call to set up a time for a tour of the property. Within no time, you’ll be the proud owner of a waterfront property in Maui.

What are you waiting for? Grab the spirit of aloha and make your dreams of owning a waterfront property in Maui a reality.

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