Should You Buy Hud Homes?


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Buy HUD homes are sometimes the cheapest option available for a common man to own a house. The fact that teachers and police officers could buy HUD homes at 50% off the market value attracts more potential buyers.

Before starting off hunting around to buy HUD homes, let us see what actually a HUD home is? HUD homes are those dwellings that have been acquired by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. When a home owner fails to meet the payments of a HUD insured mortgage, it results in the home getting foreclosed by the mortgage lender. He then transfers the ownership of the house to HUD and collects the money owed to it. HUD homes are then put for sale at the current market rate with the aim of selling it off quickly and recovering the money. It in fact offers a cheap option for those looking to buy HUD homes.

Buy HUD homes options vary from family residences and townhouses, condominiums and other types of residential properties. It is a cheapest and later profitable option to buy HUD homes for common man as well as potential investors. While a common man sees buy HUD homes as a way to earn a house for him and family, an investor taps the economic potential in re-selling it at a higher price to some body ready to buy HUD homes. Other home buyers are motivated in buy HUD homes at below market value because it allows them to acquire a larger home than they could normally afford to purchase.

In fact, any one can buy HUD homes. But in order to buy HUD homes, he/she should have a pre-approved mortgage or is in possession of a verifiable amount of cash for purchase. But the price ranges are such that any low or moderately salaried American can buy HUD homes. And on the race for buy HUD homes, an owner-occupant has preference over other buyers if he/she is deciding to buy HUD homes as his/her primary residence. But this privilege is valid only for a certain period, beyond which the home will be available to other qualified persons looking for buy HUD homes.

In order to buy HUD homes, one can strike the deal only through real estate agents approved by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Approved agents can submit bids during any day of a week, from which the highest net bid is chosen. If there is no acceptable bid to buy HUD homes, the home is put to new bidding until sold. On the acceptance of a bid to buy HUD homes, the agent will be notified within 48 hours. The settlement is usually completed within one to two months, during which time financing is arranged and the sale is closed. If you do not close by the settlement date, your earnest money deposit is forfeited else you have to pay for an extension of the sales contract.

For those looking to buy HUD homes, since HUD homes are sold in a ‘as-is’ basis, conducting a professional home inspection before submitting a bid is recommended. The customers who buy HUD homes need to pay for any repairs/maintenance - those expenses would not be paid by HUD. After you buy HUD homes, the selling commission will be paid by HUD only if such a condition is there in your offer.

To buy HUD homes, the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development does not provide home loans directly. One can make use of the several insurance mortgage programs available to buy HUD homes.

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