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When you’re looking to buy a home in a certain area, it can be fairly simple to find real estate listings and even to contact a real estate agent who’s willing to help. But selling your home can be a little more complicated. You’ll still need to contact a real estate agents and view home listings to find out which homes are being sold the quickest in order to make your home more marketable, but the process could take a little longer than if you were looking to move into a new home in the area. If you’re attempting to sell a home in Venice, there are a number of resources that could be especially helpful.

When you’re beginning the process of selling a home in Venice, Fla. , doing a few simple tasks on your own before officially putting your home on the market will help you save time and make the process much easier. You should find out the estimated value of your home, in order to determine if it is worth more than when you bought it. Property values can increase due to extensive repairs, added features or an added room. On the other hand, damage caused by weather or water damage can decrease your home’s value. Based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home, the neighborhood your home is in and how old your home is, you can compare the prices of other similar homes on the market in Venice to get an idea of your asking price. If you know your home is in need of repairs, even if they’re minor, be sure to have the repairs taken care of before you put a “for sale” sign in the front lawn. While your home will most likely still be sellable without making the repairs, ensuring your house is in the best shape possible will boost your selling power substantially.

By this time, you may be ready to consult a real estate agent in the Venice area to make your home as attractive as possible and present you with advertising strategies. Newspaper classifieds are the most common way to advertise your home for sale, but online ads, complete with photos and or a floor plan are also a very effective selling tool.

You should also consider that families from out of town will be looking to buy a home in Venice as well. Including interesting facts about the city in an online advertisement or brochure is a wonderful tool that gives individuals moving to Venice a sense of familiarity about the new city they’ll be moving to, and it makes the ad more appealing and personable. Be sure to include something for everyone in your classified listings. Parents, for example, will want to know about schools, so a sentence or two about the school district (Sarasota School District), and the quality of elementary, middle and high schools in the area would be helpful. For those interested in arts or cultural events, mentioning local stage productions from places like the Venice Little Theater would be helpful. You might also want to mention other positive attributes of the city, like the weather (the average temperature is about 70 degrees all year round) or that the unemployment rate is below the state average.

Once you have all the information you want to include in your listing and are ready to submit your ad to the newspaper or online, stay in contact with your Venice real estate agent in case you need to add something to the listing or want to negotiate prices. An agent will be able to help you sell a home in Venice in a way that you feel comfortable with and can help you on the best selling price for your home.

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Selling Your Home How to Sell Your Home Fast in Todays Real Estate Market
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