How to Own Real Estate with No Credit Checks


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It has been an easy journey for me and my associates over the last few years. The more we discover about Real estate, the more we realize what a gift it is to the human race. The industry, the concept of ever increasing intrinsic value of property. Its simply the perfect vehicle for anybody wanting to retire early and fast.

You must agree, real estate is a very subjective investment object, and where one person will consider one price tag of a unique house as too dear, another might consider the price way too cheap.

It's this subtle intricasy that wealthy individuals use to manufacture huge returns in real estate. The largest obstacle to you is not making a fortune in real estate. That is a given.

The question is how to get into real estate in the first place.

Most people dont have hundreds of thousands lying around to buy property outright. So like 99% of people, they seek to borrow the funds from banks or other similar commercial lending organizations.

These keepers of the wealth “key" use their criteria to say who gets in and who doesnt. Its unfair but its how it is. Their credit checks keep thousands from entering the one and only industry that is guaranteed to deliver real profits, real results.

Real estate is amazing. A person can find anything he/she needs in it. He can buy for a humble abode, he can purchase for wealth, he can puchase to make dreams come true. But if you dont make the grade, if you fail to have the correct paper work, the correct historical references and back ground, then you will likely fail to get the credit you require to own the home you wish to purchase.

Is there a way to avoid this harsh burden? And still get the house you want? To be able to own property and sell it for your profits so you can purchase more.

Of course there is.

Buying homes while avoiding credit checks is something we intentionally sought to achieve.

Why? So we could take all the deals we saw lying around and turn them into a profit. We wanted to buy and sell 100 homes per month. We could see so much intrinsic value sitting there waiting to be scooped up. Millions of dollars just waiting to be taken by anyone willing to buy for profit and not for long term living.

My partners and I did well. We did it without requiring money down OR dancing to a banks tunes. We did it our way and were rewarded for our efforts helping young couples and families get into their own homes. It was rewarding from a fiscal stand point, but more importantly, we feel we deserved the millions we earned because the people we helped were thankful too.

The key is in the paperwork and the structure you apply to the deals you do. Buying outright using a banks credit is only one way to secure property. We really weren't after so much control of a property. True we needed some control, but not outright ownership because we weren't retail buyers.

We were/are controllers of deals and not purchasers. So what need do we have for finance or even the down payment moneys. Once you have the contract paper work and wording right, you are free to replicate and replicate as prolifically as you wish.

That is the key to owning real estate without credit checks. You see, we did this until we could afford to comfortably buy our own dream homes without needing the services of a bank.

And we certainly didn't need their help to control the profits we found and created.

My very best to you.

Martin Thomas is a professional investor that trades in yachts, precious stones and real estate. Jack Reynolds is one of Martin's students, Jack was a broke Insurance salesman only 2 years ago, today he owns assets valued at several million dollars. What did Martin teach Jack in 24 short months? You can read about Jack's remarkable and rapid transformation and download Hayden's famous book “The Million Dollar Mentor" by clicking here

real estate with no credit checks

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