Is Real Estate with No Credit Checks Really Possible?


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There is something about this buzz. It seems whenever people discover something that CAN be done, despite the fact that conventional beliefs were ALWAYS otherwise. . . . its not surprising that people see this new understanding as a lie, to be blunt.

I can tell you that owning real estate without requiring an invasive bank evaluation is a simple matter, but like all things, its not what you think.

My understanding is that most people when you broach this subject assume you know of some lending institution that does not have lending criteria. (dream on) Or they think that you can trick or mislead banks into giving you a loan for real estate. That is not what this is about.

The result ie “owning real estate with no need for credit checks" is the end result. If I were to suggest to you that my friend could walk on water, you would either think I was crazy, or if you were reasonable, you may assume its a play on words with the same result. Yes my friend walks on water, but he wears floatation shoes. Is that any less true, despite the fact that he wears floatation shoes?

Its no magic trick. I didnt mention the floatation shoes because you dont care about that part of it and neither do I. You just want to know how to walk on water and if you were really interested in achieving this, you would eventually buy those floatation shoes to get the result you require. Just because my friend didnt walk on water the way some other famous guy walked on water, it doesnt mean he was cheating ot misleading you.

Its the result you require. Its the result I required 5 years ago and its that result that I got.

When we talk about owning real estate without needing a credit check, we really mean CONTROLING real estate without needing credit checks. The OWNING comes later, when you have controlled enough deals to finally buy your own piece of real estate outright. In this way, you own real estate without credit checks.

Control is the operative word, so this is where the focus is. We control real estate to manufacture profits. We control real estate with the right structure.

When we structure a deal, we control it ensuring we get a profit without investing our own money or getting financial lending. In this way we are in the enviable position of standing to profit without a downside. We have no exposure yet plenty of profit potential.

Ask any mathematician, the returns cannot be calculated because they are theoretically INFINITE.

My very best to you.

Martin Thomas is a professional investor. He invests in Real Estate, Automobiles, Sea going Vessels Businesses and anything of value that may be converted into profits. He and his associates maintain a website . They reveal their money making strategies and ongoing insights. This is a free content site.

real estate with no credit checks

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Real Estate Investing With Bad Credit
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