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So you’ve heard that the Orlando Florida holiday home and vacation home market is no longer a smart investment but you haven’t heard it from a creditable source? First ask yourself “What does this person know about the market?" or “Is this person themselves investing in any Orlando Florida holiday or vacation homes?". Everyday I get calls from people telling that they were thinking of buying a vacation home but a friend or co-worker told them the market is going to bust and Orlando real estate is about to go belly up or the whole US real estate market bubble is going to pop and in a few months US land will be worth nothing. This reminds me of the old Chicken Little story where everyone believes the sky is falling and a huge rumor windmill starts spreading. The fact is that the Orlando Florida real estate market is doing better then it ever has in history and vacation and holiday homes are turning out be profitable investments.

In fact with large developers starting to enter the Orlando Florida real estate arena both holiday homes and vacation homes are losing their cookie cutter appearances and turning into unique upscale properties that anyone would be proud to call their own. While in the past many Orlando vacation home developers cut corners where ever they could to save a buck new developers seem to be spending the extra money and understanding that people notice small details (What’s the point of buying a $500,000 house if it has wall to wall rough budget carpeting?). Of course not all developers are seeing eye to eye on this, many developers still believe that the bottom line is still the most important factor.

Why are Orlando Florida vacation homes rasing in value? Here are just a few factors:

1. Foreign Investors - While the dollar is low foreign investors are jumping all over US real estate in general and a large percent of them are looking at the Florida market. UK investors especially appreciate the large spaces and detail to craftsmanship that isn’t often found in their countries.

2. Safe Investment Compared to Stock Market - The stock market is down and while many people are buying up blue chip stocks for the long haul the truth is many don’t feel safe buying in when every day the numbers just go down and down. As quick as the stock market is going down the investment real estate market is rising. This makes it the best time to buy a vacation home or holiday home.

3. Save Money on Vacation - It’s common knowledge that no matter how the economy sways people always go on vacation. The holiday travel and vacation industry is a very stable market that doesn’t show much fluctuation no matter what external factors are working against it. Add in that Orlando Florida is the vacation capital of the world and it’s easy to see why many families want their own place to visit every year.

*** SIDE NOTE: Owning a vacation or holiday home in Orlando gives you a huge discount off many of the major amusement parks because you’re considered a local resident. ***

If you’re an investor or not you still want to make money from your vacation or holiday home. This is why many amateur investors are getting into the market, it’s hard to lose money right now and these new investors feel that they’re real estate geniuses. With new incentives that some developers are offering there is no reason anyone with a reasonable income can’t afford their own vacation or holiday home in Orlando Florida.

If you have any question about the Orlando Florida vacation home or holiday home market feel free to visit my website or call me with any questions.

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