Real Estate Basics Part 1

Dennis Handa

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1. Sales Ability
Is at the heart of almost everything we do in life. From childhood, we are always selling ourselves and/or our ideas to others. This boils down to our basic relationships with parents, spouse, employer or friends. At the end of the day, we are all salesman! Anytime we interact with another person we are in some way being sold or are selling ideas and concepts!

2. Sales Styles
All of us have definite sales styles. By this I mean each of us has a unique and individual way in which we interact with people. To illustrate this point, ask yourselves? Are we low key or do we come on strong or even pushy? Are we information gatherers or do we like to improvise or even do both. Are we negotiators and/or problem solvers? If you think about it, you’ll realize that in your interactions with people you’ve encountered all these (and more) different styles.

Extremely Important!
You must know and understand your own individual style and always strive to improve and capitalize on your strengths. In other words how do you basically interact with people? This leads us into our individual personality. We must always remain true to our basic feelings and values and realize how they affect our interactions with people. I’m assuming that if you’ve been successful at sales you already have a style or way of dealing with people. Bottom line is that, whatever works for you and you feel comfortable with, you must stick with it! (Remember I said been successful with—if your sales experience has been negative up to this point, then it’s obviously time to rethink your style and method) Ok-So I recognize and agree that I have a style, now what? Develop it, work on it, and improve it as it defines who you are.

Always-Stay true to yourselves and under no circumstances try to be somebody you’re not. If you do, be assured that most people will pick up on it immediately and in the process, you’ll lose esteem instead of gaining it.

Always, always remember that you can achieve incredible success and still remain the same person you are. In conclusion if people like you for who you are, and you’ve had a good sales record, don’t try to reinvent yourself.

3-Sales is a percentage Game!
Depending on how well you do the things we’ve already talked about will determine what percentage falls your way. Remember batters in the national league are considered good if they bat 300 or better. (That’s three hits in 10) You cannot win them all. An Important Premise is, “Only worry about the things you have control over”

4-Sales is an up and down process.
You will have good days and you will have bad days. Whenever you get into making good money, I’ve found that the highs are really high and the lows are really low. Some people cannot handle this in their lives. If that’s the case then you need to probably work at a job, where you punch a time clock, do the same thing repeatedly and play it safe. What I’m saying is know that there will be ups and downs and don’t dwell on it-there’s always tomorrow. One essential way to always stay optimistic is to- Get to the point where you honestly believe that you can help your customer better than anyone else. Note: To get to the point where you honestly feel you have the most to offer will take lots of work. , but the payoff is immense. Always keep this goal in mind, as it will point out the approach to take to get there.

5-You cannot get along with everyone.
There are always going to be people you won’t be able to deal or get along with. I’m sure you’ve run into people that you just couldn’t relate and/or didn’t want to. Now if the person is really someone you know you can’t deal with then that is one thing, however the danger here is forming too early an opinion of the other person. As to that please consider trying the following.

5A-How to turn it around.
A. Keep your opinions from forming (count 10) and then truly try to understand that person’s motivation, in my experience about half the time that you do this, you can turn the situation into a positive rather than a negative experience. B. Please understand that, it’s worth the effort because once you’ve gotten a tough customer on your side, he’ll be just as tough in favor of you as against you. Generally if a client is too easy, he’s that way with everyone and in some cases won’t really commit to anything. He just wants to be a nice guy

If you really try and see that you can’t get something going with the customer, then let it go. In the business of Real Estate refer him to another agent so you’ll still make money for your efforts. We simply cannot please everyone.

Marketing Director for CBS network-music division, covering National and International markets. Sales manager and Vice President for IMC-distributors of AKAI. President, Studiommaster, worlwide company in the recording industry. Basically, I have a strong International marketing and business background.

Personal / Comments My business background serves well in that the discipline involved in major marketplaces, gives me a strong approach to marketing and selling properties and also understanding finance procedures.


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